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    Brainwavz KV100 Review

    Brainwavz KV100 Review ..

    Our new Brainwavz Kidwavz KV100 are designed for kids, so, who better to review them than ... well .. a kid.

    Introducing Epic Logan Tech, a young, up and coming YouTube reviewer with a very balanced head on some young shoulders. A great review, many thanks Logan and we will look into that logo thing.

    Visit Logan on Twitter here

    Watch the video on YouTube here

    View details of the KV100 here

    New Brainwavz S3 Earphones

    The New Brainwavz S3 with Clearwavz Remote & Microphone

    The Brainwavz S3 uses dynamic driver speakers that are housed in an all-metal shell tuned for a wider sound stage and accurate sound reproduction. Its well-tuned drivers aids in producing the most subtlest of notes from deep detailed bass to harmonic melodies without distortion or compromise sure to satisfy any true audiophile.

     Coupled with an silicon microphone (MEMS - Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System) it comes with a three-button control enabling users to make audio calls as well as playback, easier to control with maximum performance.


    • Wider soundstage with accurate sound reproduction
    • Clearwavz remote designed to work on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, crafted with high precision MEMS
    • microphone for high clarity
    • All metal housing in an in-ear design with special finish to give a smooth, slick feel.
    • Flat cable for less tangle and easy to wear. The cables are made with high purity OFC copper wiring at its core.

    Note: 3 button remote & microphone function designed to be used on iPhone, iPad and iPod. If used on other (non iOS) products the volume buttons may not work and other remote functionality may vary.

     The S3 will be available at the end of September 2015 for $79,50.

    Warranty Extended

    Great news for all customers! Our warranty just extended from 12 months to 24 months!