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    Brainwavz KV100 Review

    Brainwavz KV100 Review .. Our new Brainwavz Kidwavz KV100 are designed for kids, so, who better to review them than ... well .. a kid. Introducing Epic Logan Tech, a young, up and coming YouTube reviewer with a very balanced...

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    New Brainwavz S3 Earphones

    The New Brainwavz S3 with Clearwavz Remote & Microphone The Brainwavz S3 uses dynamic driver speakers that are housed in an all-metal shell tuned for a wider sound stage and accurate sound reproduction. Its well-tuned drivers aids in producing the...

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    Warranty Extended

    Great news for all @BrainwavzAudio customers! Our warranty just extended from 12 months to 24 months!

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