Check out our latest additions to the floating shelf range

February 16, 2022 2 min read


Introducing our latest range of small accessory shelves, perfect for any home, garage, office and more.

Eight new shelves of various shapes and sizes, great for showing off your collections or creating new spaces for your speakers, home security cameras and much more.

New feature for 2021 - shelves can be hung using the classic 3M tape, or use the included screw mounting hardware to create a safer space for heavier items. - 
on sale with 30% off.

SHELF CF2105 and RF 2106.5

Our first two shelves can be mounted using either 3M tape or the provided screws. Both are bigger versions of current models, providing even more space for your Echo or Google smart speakers, cameras, collections and more.

CF2105 only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)
RF2106.6 only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)

    SHELF SF2105 HP and SF2105

    Two very similar 5" shelves but with one major difference. While both can be mounted with tape or screws, and are perfect for your speakers, cameras, collections and more, the SF2105 HP has a new trick up its sleeve, or rather, under it's shelf. We have integrated an accessory hook into the shelf, primarily designed to hold your headphones, but also great for cables and wires and other small items too.

    SF2105 HP only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)
    SF2105 only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)

    RF2105 and RF2105 HP

    Next up we have the RF series, two shelves with the same great features like raised edges, 5 inches of space for all your gear, and dual mounting options, the RF2105 HP offers extra storage in the form of an integrated accessory hook. The hook is initially created as a headphone hanger, but can be used for cables, wires and more.

    RF2105 HP only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)
    RF2105 only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)

    5" ROUND & 4" CORNER

    Finally we have a couple of round shelves for you, bigger and better and can also be installed using classic 3M tape or screws. The 5" shelf is a normal flat wall mount while the 4" version has been designed to fit neatly into the corner of the room. The corner location gives you a wider viewpoint for your smart cameras or great acoustics for your smart speakers, plus, its out of the way and discreet too.

    5" ROUND only $11.19 (Normally $15.99)
    4" ROUND CORNER only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)


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