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Tame unruly and unsafe cables with our latest management system

January 19, 2023 1 min read


Are your cables totally out of control, looking unsafe and unsightly? Then we have a solution for you, 2 new cable organizer sets to help get your tangled spaghetti mess of wires under control.
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Panel 1: Introducing our latest under desk organizers

So many devices = so many cables, and they easily get out of control, no matter how hard you try. Brainwavz introduce our latest solution to help you tame the mess and keep all your wires looking neat and tidy, as well a being safer and more secure.

    Panel 2: Adaptable cable organizer system, 3 brackets per set for ultimate adaptability

    Our 3 piece system means you can easily space out each bracket where you need it, and you can even join multiple sets together for extra long cable runs, or even go round corners or along walls - a truly adaptable system that fits perfectly with your needs.

    Panel 3: Secure G shape design and powerful 3M VHB tape

    Our brackets are easy to install, just peel and stick using the pre-fitted 3M VHB tape. Once they are up and ready just hook in your cables to the 'G' shaped bracket, designed specifically to keep you cables locked in so they wont fall out.

    Panel 4: Before and after showcasing the organizational qualities of our latest product

    Our organizers are designed to help get your electronic life under control, to clean up that spaghetti junction of cables, and get your space looking neat, tidy and, most of all, safe.


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    Mark Dawson
    Mark Dawson

    Mark Dawson - Website Manager | Blog Writer | Image Maker - Welcome to Brainwavz Audio

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