Replacement earpads for the Heil Sound Proset 6 & IC

September 13, 2021 3 min read

WHAT ARE THEY: The Heil Sound Proset 6 are a more specialized headset, used by the amateur ham radio community, with oddly shaped, teardrop style earpads, that one may think are impossible to find third party alternatives for.

Heil headphone - stock

There are several reason why you may want to replace your earpads, the obvious one is that the old ones are worn out, flaky and disgusting. Other reasons could be you don't like how the stock pads feel and want something comfier.

In this case we were contacted by a customer via Facebook Message, and they stated the following:

"The OEM ear pads are hot and don’t breathe very well"

So, we were glad to help any way we could, but, not having tried these headphones ourselves it was a case of getting the info from the user and seeing what we could find. 

Choosing the Right Pads

In this case the user knew that others had tried our pads, but not which ones, so, with a little back and forth we finally found out what they used, turns out they went for our Audio Technica ProStock pads, more specifically this perforated version.

Prostock earpads by Brainwavz

While our pads are oval they still fit the headset fine, and were a good choice as the whole pad is covered in small holes. These perforations help vent out the heat that builds up within the pads, helping to keep you cooler when using your headsets for longer periods - perfect solution to the original problem.

As well as the perforated, we also have several other materials, for those that want to experiment, there are faux leather ones, Sheepskin, micro suede and the hybrid, a mix of solid faux leather, with perforated sections with a velour top panel for comfort on the skin - sound is very personal, and different materials suit different peoples taste.

Customer Images

Many thanks to the original customer who made the initial enquiry as they got back to us and generously took a few photos to show that the pads did indeed fit well, and were a solid replacement for the hot and uncomfy original pads.

Image :Heil Sound Pro-Set 6 and IC headset with Brainwavz Perforated Faux Leather pads - Image is property of a customer and used with permission.

As can be seen in the images, our ProStock pads fit well on the Heil Sound Proset 6 headset, and also note they fit differently too.

The original pads had a plastic ring on the back, allowing the pads to clip in - with our pads being designed or another headset, they do not have this ring, and so its just a case of slipping the pad over the main body of each head unit, kinda like a glove.

Image : Heil Sound Pro-Set 6 and IC headset with Brainwavz Perforated Faux Leather pads with original pads on show - Image is property of a customer and used with permission.


Simple really, just ask us for help.... even if it looks like the pads are not replaceable, or the original manufacturers don't do replacements you don't have to suffer with pads that are just not working for you, there may be something out there that can solve your problems.

In this case it worked out perfectly, so, this is why we have this blog, so it's easier for all you amateur radio enthusiast and Heil users to find alternative pads for your favourite headset, and, also, to let people know that those old headphones can be saved, and with new pads can feel fresh, comfy and sound as good as new... or better!

I will  leave the final words to the original customer:

"They fit onto the headset well, feel much better than the OEM ear pads. I have already passed on the recommendation to others with the same issues"

Where to buy:

Brainwavz pads are available from many locations and come in all manner of shapes, size and colours. We operate our own Amazon storefronts with Prime delivery, or you can order direct from our webstore for even bigger savings, check out the link below. Brainwavz Store:

Brainwavz Global Web Store

Check out our where-to-buy page for reseller in your local area

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Images used in this article are property of Brainwavz Audio - Images from cutomer used with permission.

Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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