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    B200 Gadgeteer review

    Another top shelf review for the B200 Dual Armature earphones - this this time from gadget review site, Gadgeteer. (Image property of Gadgeteer)

    I think this little quote will give you an idea of how the review went.

    The sound from these headphones is nothing short of superb

    You can read the full review here: Gadgeteer Review

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    The Audiophile Man approves of the B200

    Mr Paul Rigby is "The Audiophile man" ... So, when he reviews you need to listen!!! ... Thankfully Mr Audiophiles' highly trained ears were liking our latest B200 Balanced Armature Earphones, rating them a "Groovy" 8 out of 10 ... Bravo sir!!!

    The B200s are, though, great sounding, largely neutral (except for a little bit of warming) and tonally balanced earphones that do their job and, for the price, do it supremely well.

    Get the B200 from Amazon UK today: http://bit.ly/AM_UK_B200


    TECH ADDICTS, a tech blog over on in the UK have had their hands on our B200 Earphones - It is true may not waste money on flashy and unnecessary packaging, but thats because we rather put the time into the product, especially the sound, that, thankfully, TECH ADDICTS seem to like alot.

    The benefit of a neutral sound is that it lends itself well to a wide variety of musical genres and I found that the B200’s handled any track I threw at them in their stride.

    You can buy the B200 from Amazon UK : HERE

    Read the full review HERE

    Brainwavz B200 review: The best sub-£150 earphones

    A few weeks ago we posted about the B200 winning the best earphones sub £150 (UK), well now the full review has been released, so pop over to expert reviews and have a read .. spoiler, we get 5 STARS!!!!

    B200 brainwavz expert review

    By far the most impressive aspect of the B200s is their soundstage. It's wonderfully wide and deep, and instrument separation is phenomenal, 

    The B200 are available on Amazon UK - HERE

    B200 Review from coolsmartphone

    The Brainwaz B200 Dual Balanced Armature have just been officially released in the UK and we have some initial review coming through already, check out what Coolsmartphone think of our current top of the range earphones.

    Read full review here :

    Available from:
    Amazon UK: Buy Now
    Brainwavz Direct: Buy Now



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