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    Brainwavs B200 4 star Review

    Brainwavz B200 review from Zelda over at head-fi.org, top of the range DUAL BALANCED ARMATURE earphones.

    Red full review here:

    Image property of head-fi.org and Zelda

    Available from:
    Brainwavz Store:

    Brainwavz B150 Review - Headfonics

    Headfonics reviews our Brainwavz B150 BA Earphones and notes "I have tested a fair few $100 and lower IEMs and to be honest this is one of the most satisfying I have tried both in terms of comfort, fit and sonic ability." Read the full review over at Headfonics.

    Full review here

    Available from these store:
    Amazon COM: http://bit.ly/AM_COM_B150
    Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/AM_UK_B150
    Amazon India: http://bit.ly/AM_IN_B150
    Brainwavz Audio: http://bit.ly/BW_B150
    Brainwavz Audio India: http://bit.ly/BW_IN_B150



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