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Pen Holder & Desktop Stationery Organizer, TV Remote Control & Office Supplies, For Pens, Pencils, Scissors, Staplers Other Small Home Office Supplies & Accessories (D06)


    Not only will this holder keep your remote controls safe and secure and your space tidy and clutter-free, it also keeps everything you need on a day-to-day basis, and within easy reach, or, you can simply slide it out of the way when you need a little extra room.


    Handy storage compartment can hold several of your most used remote controls, including TV remotes, RGB remotes, set top box remotes, plus many other things, such as pens, pencils and other small accessories, all neat and safe and accessible.


    Two compartments wrap around the central storage area and are perfect for small items, such as sticky tape, scissors, staplers, smaller remotes & much more.


    Never lose your pen again, six handy little ports specifically designed to store pens, pencils and other slim items you need for your everyday activities.


    The perfect accessory to help organize your daily essentials, place it on your desk in the office, on the shelf in your game room, or on the coffee table in your living room, and have everything to hand when you need it.

Customer Reviews

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Just as Described

I Got this for my son to organize his room more effective and this was perfect. You can tell that it was make by a 3D Printer 🤷🏼‍♀️It is exactly as it is described 💖Great Size. Perfect for Remotes and/or Game Controllers

Organize Your Desk

This desk organizer is extremely useful. It gets the pens and the scissors and the staple removers out of the drawer and up where you can easily find them. You can also use it for things like your TV remotes.

Saves space by organizing and doesn't take much room

I've been needing something like this for my home desk setup for awhile. I have pens, paperclips, usb flash drives, etc, everywhere on my desk and they get covered by paper.I finally got around to getting an organizer and it has already helped. It has a little weight to it so it doesn't just get knocked around and off the desk if you bump it, but it isn't a rock that it tough to move.It is large enough for most people/things but isn't so large itself as to take up a lot of desk real estate.Already coming in handy.

Great remote holder!

I needed an organizer to hold our remotes, pens and desk items. This organizer is not too big nor not too small to hold everything I need. I love the fact that it will not topple over if you over-fill it with stuff. It is well made and will keep me organized. I would highly recommend this remote holder.


Nice desk organizer. Holds everything you need so everything looks nice and neat.

So helpful

This pen holder is so useful and helpful for me as a teacher. I use it every day to store my pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and more. It's sturdy and spacious, and it sits perfectly on my desk. I highly recommend this product for teachers and anyone else who needs storage solutions for their everyday tools.

Cool design

I got this so that I could shave my eyebrow pencil into the center and keep the pencils upright in front of it with the pencil holding area. I'm able to place eyeshadows and different makeup accessories in the bay around the center. It is non slip and looks sleek.

clear clutter in style

This is a very nice piece, and its a bit heavier and better quality than I expected. The bottom feels almost like a leather type material or rubbery so it has a firm grip wherever you put it, and has it has some weight...it means your somewhat fragile remotes will be safe. (for instance I put it at an angle on a laptop stand which was leaning down at least 15 degrees, and...it stayed on there just fine. It even felt like there might be a magnet inside, but I think its just the quality of the rubbery/leathery material on the bottom that gives it very good grip, and with the wieght, its...not going to go anywhere, or be easily knocked over or out of place.) So this is a very good thing, to keep your stuff safe.In terms of size and variety of space its good too, as you have the main compartment which can hold id say about 3-4 medium/long remotes, and then the compartments on the sides can hold further smaller remotes, blue tooth headphones, or really anything else you want to put in there, and it also has a pen/pencil nook thing, with 6 spots for pens. So you can easily de-clutter, fit lots of stuff, and...look good as it has a nice finish to it, and it looks like a nice quality piece, and is sturdy and functional as well.The only negative would be if you have 3 or more very large remotes, they won't fit, as I looked at one of my old TV remotes I just replaced, the current tvs have smaller and thinner remotes, so this old remote would have taken up a lot of the main compartment, leaving it tight for the other 2. So this is excellent if you have 3-4 medium/large remotes, and some smaller ones, I can easily fit 3 in the main compartment with room for 1 more, and probably another 4-7 smaller remotes around that. But if you have a very very large or bulky remote it may fit only 1 such bulky remote in the center, possibly 2, and any more than that I am not sure how well that would fit. But most normal sized remotes I currenlty use fit quite well.Overall: its perfect for what I needed, very nice quality, and has more features than I thought. Now I dont have to go searching for which remote I need....as they will all be in one place, and making my space look much less cluttered at the same time. Awesome.

Nice organizer

Looks as is does in the advertisement. Measure your remotes together to make sure they fit. Apparently I have too many remotes but I love this organizer! I suggest this organizer!