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Dual Gaming Keyboard Stand for Wall Mounting - Adhesive or Screw Mount Installation - Stylish and Space Saving Solution for Gamers, Home & Office (KBW03)


    Holds not one, but two keyboards! Dual Wall Mounted Keyboard Display & Storage Rack. Secure your keyboard on the wall with this versatile holder that can accommodate gaming mechanical keyboards as well as Standard & Slim 104 PC keyboards. Supports upto 2 keyboards.


    Designed to fit keyboards up to 1.5” inches / 39mm thick. Can also be used to store many other small devices, such as laptops, tablets and more.


    Free up your desk space and optimize your posture with this ergonomic and space saving wall mount solution for gamers and office workers. Upgrade your gaming setup with this sleek and stylish keyboard hanger that comes in black or white color options and matches any decor


    All hardware is included so the mount can be screwed into walls and wood surfaces. Includes screws, wall plugs and screw caps.


    This quick-mount option requires no screws or tools. We use only the best 3M VHB tape to mount the hanger on a variety of surfaces. Just peel off the red backing from the 3M VHB tape and stick in the desired location, let it set for a few hours and you’re ready to go. DO NOT PLACE ON PAINTED, DAMP OR PLASTERED WALLS, THESE ARE NOT SUITABLE SURFACES FOR ADHESIVE MOUNTING!.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product very low profile almost don't know it's there

Great Keyboard Wall Mounted Stand

I have a couple custom keyboards I use depending on my mood, but every time, I needed to place the other keyboard elsewhere. Though this says wall mounting, you can mount to a lot of things. The included double sided tape holds just fine, but personally with my own paranoia, I saw there were pre-drilled holes in the top of the stand and used this to screw in a couple small screws into the side of a tall cat tree next to my desk. It's holding just fine and now I have a permanent place out of the way, off the floor, and in sight for both my keyboards. I love this!

Convenient little shelf with strong adhesives

I'm really glad I found this shelf. I have a problem with buying too many gaming keyboards if I think they look nice, but I ran into an issue with too many keyboards and not enough room. This shelf is perfect for that dilemma. The adhesive strips it comes with are super strong and the shelf is pretty sturdy.

Nice keyboard display with lots of mounting options

Solid keyboard case. It's thick and sturdy. There are also many mounting options - You can display it on a table or mount it to the wall with nails or adhesive.

Nice texture.

This keyboard holder is pretty well made (there are some minor and insignificant imperfections in the plastic you don't see unless looking really closely). It has a weird but cool texture. It's plastic but feels like it's covered in a woven silk cloth, making it feel kinda soft. I have a little keyboard addiction and this holds the keyboards nicely and helps declutter my desk. So far the 3M stickers have held up well.My Review Criteria: I do not review anything that I don't want/need for my own personal use and I have enough knowledge about it to provide accurate and useful details. I do tell it like it is and I am not influenced to provide feedback that isn't based on facts or my own experience. Therefore you can trust my unbiased review as if I were a friend looking out for your best interest and that of your hard-earned money.

Sharp looking wall-mount solution!

I like this! I use a MIDI (music) controller called the Maschine, and it takes up a lot of space on my desk. I'll often move it to accommodate a laptop or notebook, and I'm always trying to find somewhere safe to set it down. This makes it easy.This is a cool product, but it's just a 3D print. There's nothing in the description letting you know this. If you have access to a 3d printer (call your local library and community college if you think you don't), you can print something similar from freely found files at a fraction of the cost. I was hoping for a more robust, heavy-duty mount.It feels strong enough, and installs in a jiffy. I was disappointed it comes with adhesive tape pre-installed on the backside. I wanted to use the screws, and the tape was a challenge to remove. I wish the tape had come separately so I could have a better connection using the screw mount. Plus, I'm sure I'd find another use for the included tape. Other than wishing the tape weren't stuck to the mount, I was satisfied with the included hardware.It definitely does the job! It's in the path of a doorway, which I don't expect will be a problem, but I would prefer it be made from another material as I don't expect a 3d printed lattice to hold up to the nearby metal door, should they ever collide. But no one swings it open wildly, and I have an air filter in the path which should prevent any accidents.If the scale was out of 10, I'd give it a 7/10, but considering Amazon suggests 3/5 "satisfied" and 4/5 "good," I'll leave it at 3. I'm satisfied.