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Desktop Dual PC Mouse Stand Holder, Suitable for Small Or Large Gaming & Office Mice From Logitech, Razer, Corsair & More


    Brainwavz desktop display organizer for computer mice, Store gaming and office mice at the same time with this handy secure stand. Stadium design shows off your gear in a compact and stylish manner, keeping your desktop organized and your mice safe and secure.


    Our dual mouse storage stand is perfect for your home, office or games room. With two dedicated slots you can safely store and display mice of almost any size and shape. Keep everything organized and tidy.


    Compatible with almost any style of mice from leading brands such as Logitech, Microsoft, Corsair, Razer, Cooler Master and more, its innovative design means it can securely hold gaming and office mice of almost any size and shape.


    Use it on your desk in the office and easily swap between work and play peripherals, or on the shelf in your game room to display your collection. Keep all your gaming and work equipment organized and easily accessible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
holds both mouse no issues

This mouse stand is pretty cool. It was something I really needed for my set up. The holder looks to be 3D printed, and sturdy. I am able to store my G600 and wireless mouse in both slots with no issues.the included felt pads provide some friction for the holder.

Nice mouse organizer

This Brainwavz mouse holder is pretty handy. I think it is 3d printed based on the texture and feel but it is sturdy and works well. It will hold two mice and puts them upright for easy charging and access. I use it mainly to charge my mouse without running a cable across my desk and to put my mouse aside when I am writing on paper (people still do it!) or working on something that doesn't involve the mouse.

Does what it's made for

With the move to telework my desk has become the the home for both my personal and work computers. My issue is I HATE laptop trackpads, so I have to have a mouse. This cradle allows me to stow the two computer mice in a nice and neat way and not taking up my limited desk-top real estate. I'm very happy with this and definitely recommend it you have multiple computers/peripherals.

Slick display for mice

What a niche product. How many people have more than one mouse? Me. There were 3 things that worried me when ordering this. 1) will it damage my mice? No. No rough or scratchy edges touch the mice. 2) Is it too big? No. IT holds "mini" gaming mice fine and can hold larger ones also. 3) Is it ugly? No, the surface has vertical texture lines. Almost like a very thick paint brush stroke like design. I believe the coating is some type of fabric glued on, and it looks great.

A Great Addition to Your Setup

The BRAINWAVZ Desktop Dual PC Mouse Stand is a sleek solution for gamers who enjoy switching out mice occasionally, like myself. Its modern design enhances the desk aesthetic, and the stand accommodates a wide range of mice, ensuring a clutter-free setup. The easy access to alternate mice and secure placement make it a practical addition to any gaming enthusiast's arsenal. It's a 3-D printed product, which I have no issues with, but some others may not appreciate. It feels sturdy and the print seems to be of decent quality. Since using it, I've had no issues, making it a highly recommended accessory for those with a gaming peripheral addiction.


Does what supposed to.


It works as described.

holds mice and cell phones!

I no longer have 3 mice on my desk, so this sounded great for my other 2! This led me to think, what about when I am using one? Well thankfully my S23U slips right on in there just like a mouse and patiently waits for me to grab it. I have a Corsair K95 and a Victsing BT/wireless mouse in there most of the time.Do note this is a 3d printed item, fairly well done also, they managed to avoid several mistakes I made when I first started 3d printing. There are also added felt pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.The mouse holder works good and 10 minute internet search did not find anything similar online for do it yourselfers, so I will give this the benefit of the doubt as a "unique" item that is worth looking at. IT does a good job holding my mice and my phone. I have not had any issues with it tipping over.Recommendations are in order.

Fits well and it's sleek

This fit my Razor Death Adder V2 Pro (wired) and my wireless Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed. I think this is a wonderful solution for mouse storage/display. I think the design is sleek and compact, fitting well on my smaller PC desk in my bedroom. Another feature I appreciate is the bottom has a felt material, minimizing slide and reducing the chance of scratching your desk.Overall, I recommend this product for it's capabilities and it's very affordable price.