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Desk Organizer with Game Controller Holder, Tablet Stand for iPads/iPhones, TV Remote & Pen Storage, Reduce Desktop Clutter, Have All Your Side Table Items in One Space


    Not only will this holder keep your game controller and tablet safe and secure and your desk and game space tidy and clutter-free, it also keeps everything you need on a day-to-day basis, and within easy reach, or, you can simply slide it out of the way when you need a little extra room.


    Special area where you can store your IPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy phones, mobiles, reMarkable pads, notebooks and more.


    Securely store your game controller on the desk in a neat and tidy manner. Works with Xbox One, 360, PlayStation PS4, PS3, Steam Controller, Desktop PC Gamepads and most other third party game controllers.


    Handy storage compartment that can hold several of your most used remote controls, including TV remotes, RGB remotes, set top box remotes, plus many other things, such as pens, pencils and other small accessories, all neat, safe and accessible.


    The perfect accessory to help organize your daily essentials, place it on your desk in the office, on the shelf in your game room, or on the coffee table in your living room, and have everything to hand when you need itn.

Customer Reviews

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This remote control holder is super convenient for me. My dog is always running off with our remote control for the television. Its nice having a place to put it that's not across the room. It holds a video game controller, multiple T.V. remotes, and and even a tablet on the other side. It doesn't take up much space at all and I think it looks pretty cool. I do feel this item could be a few bucks cheaper considering its 3D printed material, basically plastic. However, it makes my life easier so I'm more or less fine with the price. Overall this little organizer is a solid buy, 5/5 stars!

Gets the job done. Great for storage of small items.

This product is great to keep a neat desk space. Items such as chapstick, Usbs , Pens, etc are amazing to store inside of it. My iPhone 12 fits perfectly horizontally and vertically on the stand. My ps5 and Xbox controller also fit perfectly. The item is very stable and most likely will not knock over. The quality is thick and hefty. Appearance wise it is not the nicest for decor, but if you are looking for an item solely for storage and to tidy things up, this is perfect for you.

Stylish display stand, helps declutter. Limited use for charging.

Well, not sure how "good for charging" this would be in the first place given that it's made of wood or wood-adjacent (risk of overheating?) but the point in my title has to do with its advertised function as a stand for, among other things, the Nintendo Switch... which has a charging port on the BOTTOM of the unit, while this stand has no opening for that port. I feel like this limits its ability to declutter as I still have to put my Switch somewhere else for the purpose of charging it up; obviously if I plan to dock it to my TV this is a non-issue but it's a problem if I wish to play something in desktop or handheld mode. That being said, if you're comfortable enough using it while charging, it works quite nicely with the Steam Deck and its own controller, or the charging grip for the Joy-Cons... any of those have charging ports on top where they'll be easily accessible.It does look quite nice, though of course this is a "your mileage may vary" bit. The color almost matches my Steam gear so far as my inexpert eye can tell, with only the wood grain to distinguish it from the electronic devices I'd be using it for so there's no clashing.The pencil cup in the middle also helped me quite a bit in rearranging and decluttering as it had me finally getting rid of the last of my pencil mugs. Have a care with this one, though... depending on how much or how little you pack it, some of the contents may lean outwards enough to prevent whichever game system from sitting up properly in it. This isn't a problem for the controller but my Steam Deck leaned outwards enough to make me think it might just fall out; I ultimately sacrificed desk space in favor of just putting my Steam Deck in its own proprietary stand and set it a little behind this one.I do wish it was designed to hold two controllers though, then I could save even more space across my desk by keeping the Steam controller and JoyCons in one place.

Tidy up your entertainment space.

This product is great for small work spaces where you might need some organization. I was looking for something that wouldn't be old looking to organize my remotes and xbox controller. This stand/holder fits the bill. It is very sturdy and has no flex since it is made from what feels like plastic. From the photo, I didn't notice that the product is textured most likely from 3d printing process. At first, I thought that it did not look so great but the texture that is on it keeps controllers and table from sliding around; which is a plus! Another note, the product comes with some non-slip pads that you will need to install on the bottom or else the holder will slide. The pricing is on the pricier side. I can see the product being marked a bit lower and it would be a better value. But overall, I am completely satisfied with this product. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.