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Dual Desktop Keyboard Stand & Holder, Organize Your Desk, Reduce Clutter, Suitable for All Size Keyboards (DK01)


    Brainwavz desktop display stand for computer keyboards, Store 60% gaming mechanical keyboards or slimline fill 104 key boards. Stadium design shows off your keyboards in a compact manner, keeping your desktop organized and your keyboards safe and secure.


    Perfect for storing your specialist gaming keyboard and your practical day-to-day work board, or maybe use one slot for your wrist rest or even a game controller, phone or any other small device.


    The deep 1.5” / 39mm slots are perfect for larger style mechanical boards.


    Designed for use with keyboards of all sizes, from the mini mechanical gaming boards to full size 104 key office keyboards. (May not be suitable for curved or ergonomic style boards).


    Use it on your desk in the office and easily swap between work and play keyboards, or on the shelf in your game room to display your collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works great, I need about 10 more of these

This is my favorite way to store my keyboards. I try to resist mounting them on the wall, just because I don't need to be making tons of holes in my walls and these mounts don't require anything except a level surface.

Nice Wide Keyboard Slots

I have a LOT of keyboard, and recently I've been looking for ways to organize them for both display and storage purposes. I had tried a hanging-style stand from this company and was very happy with it, so I decided to try out a table stand for my other keyboards.One thing I like about this stand in comparison to the others is the fact that the keyboard slots are fairly wide. I've used others in the past that were too narrow and caused the spacebar to depress. I like to display my wireless/battery powered keyboards with the lights on, and I'd randomly have extra spaces when typing. This stand has slots wide enough to fit practically any board without that issue.It can also hold some heavy and wide boards with no issue. It does a great job of lifting the one in the back slightly to give a good view of it. The back is high enough that any standard keyboard should fit in it without the risk of tipping over.I'm very happy with this keyboard stand, with the way that it looks and the way it performs. It's also nice seeing more products for keyboard enthusiasts. I'd definitely recommend this keyboard if you're like me and have a big collection to store and display.

It's 3D printed, but can also hold some MIDI keyboards

This dual keyboard stand holder is unremarkable, but it can get the job done depending on your needs and budget.I have to say, when I opened the package I was a little surprised by this thing. It's not injection molded plastic - the stand is 3-D printed. The print is fairly dense, but the stand still has wispy strings of plastic on it that needed to be cleaned up. If you have very fine sandpaper you can detach those wispy threads quickly, otherwise it will take you a couple minutes to manually pick them off with your fingers. Not a deal breaker, but it's something you'll have to deal with. Additionally, since it's 3-D printed, it's not perfectly smooth. You'll feel the additive layers as your rub your fingers across the surface. I don't see that scratching or damaging your keyboards, but again, it's something to be aware of. The bottom of stand has 4 adhesive rectangular pads already attached that give a stand a foam base so it won't slide on your desk. Even though those foam pads are super thin, I think it will prevent it from scratching your desk. It's a bummer that they didn't line the inside of the keyboard gaps with a thin layer of foam to help protect your keyboard, but that's something you can easily remedy after going to a craft store or buying some foam strips on amazon for cheap.In terms of functioning as a stand, yeah, it works well. The gaps for the two slots are a good 1.5 inches wide, so I think it'll hold any keyboards of a normal width range, and it is wide enough that if you carefully center a keyboard when you place it, you can use it for a 60% keyboard all the way up to a full-sized 104 key. The only time this holder won't work is if you are using a specialty keyboard, like a Logitech Wave (which has it's own bulky palm rest).Given the size of the slots, it can be a versatile storage solution for your desk. I was able to put smaller MIDI keyboards in there and it kept them from falling over. I even put an AKAI Mini Play mk2 in there, which is kind of tall (see picture).So all in all, the keyboard holder works well. If you have a 3-D printer you could pretty much make this yourself, but by the time you deal with setting up the print, using your spool of plastic, and then cleaning it up you could probably conveniently buy this for about the same price. The only thing you might want to do if you buy it is add a thin layer of foam on the inside storage slots.

3D Printed, Exceptionally Sturdy, Came With a Mark

I have a few BRAINWAVZ products already, and they're always pretty thoughtful. This one is really sturdy and holds keyboard well. I have placed two metal bodied custom keyboard in them, and it stands really well.In terms of function, this is a 5 star item. However, the item is textured 3D printed plastic. Whether you enjoy this or not will depend on your own aesthetic preferences. It's not my personal favorite. My unit also arrived with what appears to be sharpie covering up a blemish that happened during the manufacturing process. They should have tossed this out or sold it at a discount. However, I cannot see the scuff while the keyboards are resting in it.For the reasons above, I must give this item a 3 out of 5. If Amazon would let me, it would be a 3.5. If it arrived without scuffs, it would be a 4 out of 5. You might get a perfect sample, in which case you'll be happy.