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Brainwavz GEL Gaming Earpads - XL - Micro Suede with Memory Foam

  • Brainwavz XL replacement Gel earpads use our latest Cooling Gel Technology, coupled with a super soft Micro Suede material to bring you the most advanced and comfortable earpads to date. These extra-comfy pads are not only an indulgence, but almost a necessity, with their innovative cooling gel layer helping to combat “sweaty ears” syndrome and make wearing headphones as comfortable and sweat-free as possible.

    Completing the package we have Brainwavz best-in-class, hi-grade memory foam padding, giving un-matched support, superior isolation, longer pad life and more comfort than you will ever need.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Very Nice And All-Rounded Earpads

After experimenting with various earpad materials for my Audio Technica ATH-A990Z, I've settled on this one as my go-to choice.

Non-Sweat Material: Unlike leather earpads, the cooling gel does an excellent job at preventing sweat build-up during long working sessions or music marathons which is a huge plus for people who spend extended periods with headphones on. It significantly reduces ear sweating compared to leather pads.

Bass Retention: These earpads manage to preserve the bass exceptionally well, which is crucial for gaming, watching movies, or even listening to music. Unlike the velour pads which will reduce bass for some reasons.

Sound Isolation: Contrary to the concerns I had, there's no sound leakage with these earpads. They provide excellent isolation, ensuring that your audio remains personal and doesn't disturb others nearby.

Slippage Issue: Despite the comfort, there's a minor issue. The earpads tend to slip down from my head, which is quite disruptive. I've had to resort to a makeshift rubber band modification to ensure they stay in place. This isn't ideal and can be a deal-breaker for someone who is using Audio Technica's “wing” headband design headphones.


Amazing product, really work and give a great new look to my headphones


Took a long time to be delivered but once I put them on my samsons for the first time, then put them on my ears, I can safely say that these are the most comfortable pads on the market that I've tried, excellent work brainwavz

Bass, Clarity, Spatial Localization... BLISS!

I got these for my Beyerdynamic 1770 PRO, which isn't technically compatible if you try to install these as intended. However, If you ignore the groove you're SUPPOSED to use and just put the holding part of the pad right over that lip entirely, then straighten it out so it's not folded back under itself... In short, it works.And the sound?BLISS.I literally cried for six solid minutes because it is just that much better. The highs are slightly quieter (which is a plus for these headphones), bass is tighter and more contained, mids are clean and clear... and something about it just works with these headphones. They should have shipped them with these pads in the first place, in my opinion.As for comfort, there's lots of space for big ears, plenty or room in all three dimensions (which for me is important). The Cooling Gel can make these feel cool to the touch after they've been sitting long enough to cool down properly and while heat does still build up, I'm pretty sure that issue is attenuated quite well compared with if the Cooling Gel wasn't there. All-in-all a solid upgrade from stock.I also got a pair of these for my brother's $50 headphones that happen to use the same standard of earpads, and he reports better bass, better localization of sound, and an overall cleaner audio experience. Plus the same comfort improvements that I've experienced. Basically it went from 50$ headphones to $100 headphones because of the pads. Seriously, these will make ANY headphones better as long as they're compatible or bootleg-compatible with the standard.

Better than the ones the Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones came with!

So I'm a Full-Time Streamer (9+hrs a day, 5 days a week) and the earpads that the Razen Kraken Kitty Headphones came with were giving me migraines, making me overheat and sweat (behind my ears were starting to smell, and I SHOWER every day btw LOL and this has never happened with other headphones). So I was looking around for some gel and suede (soft material) that wasn't plastic/pleather. I'M SO GLAD I happened to this brand! Seriously! A little tricky to install (honestly even the old razer ones were haha but just slowly push it into the slit and it works) but once on they fit SO SNUG!I've been wearing them for the past 3 hours so far and NO PAIN, PRESSURE, AND NO SWEAT! The noise cancellation isn't as 100% like the razer ones BUT these are WAY more comfortable and I say it only took maybe like 10% off the noise cancellation for me. Which is fine :) thank you again for making this amazing product! You've got a lifetime customer!

sehr Gemütlich

Wirklich gemütliche Ohrpolster auch über viele Stunden, und mein Ohr passt komplett rein. Passt unter anderem auf Beyerdynamic MMX300 Rev.2. Man muss zwar etwas strecken aber es sitzt gut drauf.Die Wirkung des Kühlgels ist begrenzt, da die Gelschicht selbst die wärme nur schlecht abgeben kann. Wenn man sie aufsetzt fühlt es sich kühl an, aber das vergeht sobald das Gel sich aufwärmt. Aber für den Komfort ist die Wirkung trotzdem gegeben, denn das Gel passt sich den Unebenheiten am Kopf schön an, sorgt dadurch für einen guten Abschluss und ein weiches Gefühl am Kopf. Auch über längere Zeit werden die Ohren nicht zu warm und nicht zu feucht. Dabei isolieren die Polster durch den verwendeten Schaum die Geräusche relativ stark, sowohl Außengeräusche als auch der Bass der Treiber wird gut eingefangen. Das Mantelmaterial ist dünn, weich und angenehm auf der Haut.

Amazing Ear Pads!

I got these for my HyperX Revolver S headset. My original ear pads tore at the seam and you could see the memory foam. It was really bugging me because one side sounded louder than the other so I was very close to buying a whole new headset. I did some research and came across Brainwavs. I wasn’t 100% sure if they would work but I saw a picture on their website that showed the XL’s on the Revolvers. I got these cooling gel ear pads and they slipped right on. The only thing I had to do was poke a hole where the 3.5m mic goes into the headset but that was really easy.Sound:As far as the sound goes, they sound just as good as the original ear pads. They don’t completely block all sound out but I don’t notice much of a difference now to how they were before the switch.Feel:When wearing the original ear pads, after 30 minutes I would have to take them off and get a little breather because my head would start hurting and my ears would get sweaty. So far with these cooling gel ear pads, I have been able to play for hours and I wouldn’t have the need to take the headphones off. My ears sweat a little but no where near like they did. When I put the headset on for the first time every day I can tell the difference with the cooling gel just because of the cool sensation.I was skeptical at first getting these ear pads because I didn’t think anything bought as a separate ear pad would be as good as the originals but these really blew my mind. I would recommend these to anyone who had their original ear pads damaged or for someone who wants something more comfortable. 5 Stars!!!

Brilliant! 100% Recommend

Amazing little cushions, the cooling gel was a weird thing to get my head around at first but now I'd never go back. The material is top quality and is so much better than leather effect headphone cushions. Fits Razer Kraken v2 7.1 headphones perfectly.

buy them when they are on sale !!!!

I use them on HyperX Revolver S .. They do not go on like the hyperx pads the go over them.. they are comfortable to wear i only recommend them if they are on sale and you are like me and dont like ear sweat ..

Great Pads

I put these on my Phillips SHP-9500s. I'm not sure if it's the cooling gel or the breath-ability of the material, but I no longer get "swamp ear" with these headphones. If left in a cool environment, the gel does get cool and feels quite nice until your head warms them up, but even then they still keep cooler than the stock pads. Excellent product.