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Dual Game Controller, TV Remote & Pen Desk Organizer, Reduce Desktop Clutter, Ideal for Side & Tea Tables, Suitable for All Types of Gamepads, Ample Storage for Stationary & More (D03)


    Not only will this holder keep your game controllers, safe and secure and your desk and game space tidy and clutter-free, it also keeps everything you need on a day-to-day basis, and within easy reach, or, you can simply slide it out of the way when you need a little extra room.


    Securely store two game controllers on the desk in a neat and tidy manner. Works with Xbox One, 360, PlayStation PS4, PS3, Steam Controller, Desktop PC Gamepads and most other third party game controllers.


    Handy storage compartment sits in between the two controllers, and can hold several of your most used remote controls, including TV remotes, RGB remotes, set top box remotes, plus many other things, such as pens, pencils and other small accessories, all neat and safe and accessible.


    A second storage compartment is also available, perfect for small items.


    Never lose your pen again, four handy little ports specifically designed to store pens, pencils and other slim items you need for your everyday activities.

Customer Reviews

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the gaming area is organized

anything that will make my son organize any area is good with me. he now has all his xbox gadgets very organized and uncluttered

Saves a lot of space

ASSEMBLY:Assembling this desk organizer is easy. The main parts of the desk organizer itself is actually already assembled as one piece, and you are given soft pads to stick on to the bottom of the organizer, so it slides easily and won't damage tables.DURABILITY:The material is durable and hard, with a tactile texture similar to wood. The soft pads stick well onto the bottom, which should last for many years.COMPATIBILITY:Many game controllers hold well onto the organizer, even those with irregularly shaped bottoms, because there is a small notch to hold the controllers. You can easily hold pencils, scissors, and small toys with the variety of compartments this desk organizer offers.

It's 3D-Printed; It's Perfect

I've been trying to find a perfect controller/remote stand for what feels like forever. The controller stands are all huge but don't hold many controllers, and the remote solutions...don't work very well.This one is perfect. It's got a space for pens. It's gone slots for two controllers. It's got ample room for multiple remotes.Finally, at long last, I can put my Xbox One, PS4, PC, Amplifier, Projector, lamp, hmdi switch remotes and controllers all in one compact place within my reach AND have a few good pens within reach at the same time.So... it's 3D-Printed. Apparently, that's like selling radioactive materials from the way people are freaking out. I don't care what the thing is made of as long as it works. It works. If you want it made of wood or stainless steel or whatever buy something else.If you want a controller/remote pen stand that WORKS this is a great choice as long as you don't mind the materials.


Good quality and keeps remotes neat in place and also holds game handles.

It's Perfect for Organizing

I bought this organizer to help keep my remote controls and Xbox controllers organized. They had been just placed all over the entertainment center, and this organizer now keeps them in one location and my kids don't have to hunt for things. It's literally a 3D printed organizer that is very sturdy. It came with 6 adhesive pads to keep it from scratching surfaces, as well as the Xbox controllers.It does come with 4 pen/pencil/marker holes and a post-it note or small accessory cup on the opposite side. It would be a good office organizer.

3D printed, but useful

I wasn't expecting to receive a 3D filament printed product. However the product has been so useful that I can overlook this. It really does hold actually what I needed to hold, which is my two controllers as well as various remotes pens and other items

It's a little 3d printed controller rest, probably expensive due to how it's made

I am pretty sure this is made with 3d printing just because it's made with layered plastic type of stuff. It's pretty thick so this probably cost a lot to make but for the price I was a bit annoyed with its quality. It's fine and looks like the photo, but yeah it's a lot of money.I use it with a PS5 controller and a PS4 one. Then I have a remote in it. That's about all you can fit controller-wise, and there are a couple of places I guess I could put pens or something but yeah, I'm fine with it just holding what I have in it now. Good sturdy holder but they need to figure out how to make it cheaper.

Keeps Controllers Nicely Organized

Great way to keep our side table neat. This looks 3D printed and has that texture to it. It is a sturdy unit and they nicely provide felt stickers for the bottom. I think the price is a bit steep for plastic. The pen holder holes are oversized, and it would have been better to have another open storage area.