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4.5" Cable Box Wall Mount Hanger Holder, Adhesive & Screw-In, for Routers, Laptops, Modem, Mesh Wifi, Apple TV, Network Switch & More


    A wall mount designed to hold your devices in a safe and secure manner, easy to install and can fit any width due to it’s two-part design. Store your devices on the wall, out-of-the-way and free up space on your desk and other surface.


    Suitable for almost any device that is less than 4.5" thick, this includes Cable boxes, Modems, Wifi Routers, Nintendo Switch, Laptop Holder, Smart TV Boxes, Streaming Devices, Files, Folders & MORE!


    Each bracket has an angled surface with ridges to help grip and keep your device safe and secure at all times.


    Use included screw mount hardware for an even stronger and safer mounting option, use for better security on heavier devices.


    No tools, no clips, push firmly into place, wait a minimum of 6hrs and you're good to go. We only use the strongest version of 3M VHB tape, it will hold our mount and your device securely for years. Use this option for lighter items only, max weight 2lb / 900 grams. DO NOT PLACE ON PAINTED, DAMP OR PLASTERED WALLS, PAINT OR PLASTER MAY COME OFF!

Customer Reviews

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Nice and easy to hang!

Very nice rack! I use mine in the garage to hold a box of gloves! It's large and has many mounting options with it! I want to get another for some collectibles or swim thing in the house! Would recommend!

Great Way To Organize

I use several canes and walking sticks that roll under my bed or fall behind a door when i place them against the wall.. This set of wall mount hangers is just what i need to stack them horizontally so i can reach for one and not have to search for it.

Great Problem Solver

I had a small amplifier for my wireless surround speakers that these were perfect for. Instead of wasting shelf space where I had it previously, I was able to secure this to the wall (with screws) and tuck it away out of sight. Well worth the cost!

Great wall hooks

These are easy to use wall hooks that install in a flash. They are fairly strong and do a great job of keeping "stuff" of the floor and out of the way. I used one set to hold the cable modem off the floor to keep it visible yet easy to access. The adhesive on the back made the instillation easy since it held the hook in place unit I could attach it to the wall. In some situations you might be able to use just the adhesive (on a smooth metal surface) but for the sheet-rock I wanted to make sure the hook stayed on the wall.

3D Printed brackets, but printed well

Upon inspection of these brackets, I immediately deduced they've been 3D Printed. Don't get me wrong, I 3D print things all the time and they can be very sturdy. These brackets look to be that quality. Getting into the details, it looks like 4 walls and probably greater than 60% infill. The more walls the better and the higher the infill, the greater the stability...to a point. I print with a minimum of 3 walls, 5 if I want added stability. I've tried to bend it and it's pretty sturdy. I can't tell if it's PLA or PETG plastic. PLA is fine but has less heat resistance. If your modem or router gets hot, the brackets may warp slightly over time. I can tell one corner of the bracket lifted slightly on printing. This is common among 3D printing and other than aesthetics, doesn't affect the overall function or durability. It comes with the needed screws to attach to the wall and comes with attached adhesive pads to peel and stick. There are also little grommets to put between the screw and the bracket, probably 3D printed as well, to keep the screw heads from going through the bracket. The screw holes in the bracket are diamond shaped, which is a little odd, but may have decreased the printing time slightly. I could have designed this on a free online site and printed it for about $1 in materials. $16 for having it done for you is not outrageous. I'm going to keep it and use it. I'll use the example for other brackets I can design and print.