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4” Small Floating Shelf, Adhesive & Screw In, For Bluetooth Speakers, Cameras, Plants, Toys, Books & More, Easy to Install Shelves Wall Mount (White)


    Easily place your small devices like the Google Nest Cam, Wyze Cam, Arlo Pro Pro3, DXR-8 Baby Monitor, Google Home Mini, Echo Dot, Bose SoundLink, security cameras, plants, Bluetooth speakers, collectibles, action figures & much more in any location you choose.


    Utilize the empty space in the corner of any room with our convenient corner mounted floating shelf. Corner mounting is stronger, better for heavier items and perfect for security cameras and much much more. Can fit anything up to 3kg / 6.6lbs in weight, and no bigger than 101 mm / 4”.


    Display and store your action figure collection, Funko Pops, small plants, collectibles, model kits, personal hygiene essentials and much much more, all around your home - keep things safe, secure and accessible, or just hang them up to show them off, it's up to you. Includes access for passing power cables through for speakers and electronic devices, and raised edges to stop your possessions from sliding off..


    Use the included screw hardware to mount your shelf to the wall for an even stronger, more secure fit, and allow storage of more expensive and heavier items. max weight upto 3kg / 6.6lbs.


    No tools, no clips, push firmly into place, wait a minimum of 2hrs and you're good to go. We only use the strongest version of 3M VHB tape, it will hold our mount and your device securely for years. Use this option for lighter items only, max weight upto 2lb / 900 grams. DO NOT PLACE ON PAINTED, DAMP OR PLASTERED WALLS, PAINT OR PLASTER MAY COME OFF!

Customer Reviews

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So far, so good just using the adhesive

The adhesive on this shelf is STRONG! Be careful you get it in the right spot the first time, because it will take off the top layer of your paint/drywall if you try to reposition it (don't ask me how I know). It's holding our Echo Dot with no problem and it clears up a bit of counter space.

Fits my my Deco m5 mesh router perfectly.

I wanted a small shelf that was super easy to install to put my Deco M5 mesh router on. This fit the bill perfectly. I'm happy I got it.

Perfect solution for a small corner space.

It was acquired for the purpose of placing an indoor-outdoor digital thermometer in a convenient location to read quickly. Mission accomplished.

Small but very sturdy

Wound up using this shelf for a small smart speaker, and am pleased with the results.Mounting was a breeze, as the adhesive tape is fabulously strong. The instructions advise you let the adhesive set for 24 hours before placing an item on it; I'd honestly wait 48 hours, if your item is over 2 lbs., just as a precautionary step. Waiting an extra day is never an inconvenience.The shelf looks great, and I'm sure that if you have painted walls, you could paint this shelf to match your wall's color. A great added bonus. Love this shelf.

Great Echo Accessory

Easy to install and works perfectly with my Amazon echo dot.

So easy to install!

The self installed super easy.The sticky pads came already on it, but I used the screws that came with it. I don't want to damage the drywall.I just put the screws right though the adhesive strips.The screw caps make for a very finished looking install.It saves space using a midwall corner that does not have another use.The space at the back is great for running the cord through.I use the shelf for my Alexa Dot, it fits perfect.

Nice 3D printed shelf

As I said in the title, this thing is 3D printed, so if you don't mind that aesthetic then this is perfect for just holding up the small version of any smart speaker except for the Apple HomePod. Pretty freaking strong. Almost overkill and has a hole through the back whenever you put it in the corner of the wall so you can run the cable up through it. Has 3M double-sided tape on it so it will stay just about anything. Be careful if you're putting it on drywall because it will rip the drywall off

Allows you to corner mount a wall mount sensor

I have a wall mount Aqara presence sensor, and its field of view is less than 180 degrees, so I was looking to install it in the corner so that it could cover the entire room. It doesn't actually come with any way to mount it in the corner, but this shelf holds it perfectly. The gap at the back lets me run the cord right from the corner, making it easier to blend in.

A Simple Solution to Declutter Your Space!

The BRAINWAVZ 4” Small Floating Shelf has proven to be a brilliant addition to my kitchen, offering a practical and stylish solution to declutter my countertop and keep my Alexa smart speaker safe from kitchen mishaps.Easy Installation: Setting up this floating shelf was a breeze. The package includes both adhesive and screws, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred installation method. I opted for the adhesive, and it held up my Alexa speaker perfectly. The shelf itself is well-constructed and feels sturdy.Maximizing Space: In a small kitchen, counter space is a precious commodity. This small floating shelf has enabled me to clear off my Alexa speaker from the counter, creating a cleaner, more organized workspace. It's also a fantastic solution for optimizing space in other rooms, such as the living room or bedroom.Versatile Use: The shelf's design makes it suitable for a variety of items, not just speakers. Whether it's small potted plants, cameras, books, or decorative items, this shelf can accommodate a wide range of objects. It's a versatile addition to any room.Keeping It Clean: Placing my Alexa on this shelf in the corner of my kitchen was a brilliant idea. It keeps the device out of harm's way, away from potential splatters and grease from the stove. It's a simple way to ensure the longevity of your gadgets while maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen.Sleek Design: The white color and minimalist design of the shelf complement any decor. It adds a touch of elegance while seamlessly blending into the room. It's not just functional; it's aesthetically pleasing.In conclusion, the BRAINWAVZ 4” Small Floating Shelf is a fantastic solution for decluttering and organizing your living spaces. It's versatile, easy to install, and stylish, making it an ideal addition to any room. If you're looking to clear off your countertops and keep your devices and decorations safe, this small floating shelf is a practical choice. It's been a game-changer in my kitchen, and I'm extremely satisfied with its performance.


good product, I used it to put the soap in the bathroom but I prefer to secure it to the wall with the screws than with the tape, good quality