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KRAKEN PADS - by Brainwavz

UPDATE 04 JAN 2021


WHAT ARE THEY: Brainwavz Kraken ear pads were primarily designed for the popular Razer Kraken gaming headsets as an aftermarket upgrade to stock ear cushions. Thicker and comfier than the originals, and available in Sheepskin, PU Leather and hybrid, plus, lets not forget the best part, super comfy and long lasting memory foam - all designed to make your headphones feel invisible while you concentrate on the game in hand.

Brainwavz replacement ear cushions for Razer Kraken gaming headsets

Yes, ear pads are a perishable item - they have a finite life. Just think about all the abuse they get, on and off your head all the time, with all that that sweat, soaking in and leaving them smelly, mouldy and  ... well, you can imagine. All this abuse does 2 major things, it affects the comfort of the headset, and can ruin sound quality - in short, old  pads = bad performance.

Maybe you just want to swap your pads or the originals are not to your taste / needs.

So, what are you after in a headphone pad replacement ?

  • Stock pads are worn out and need replacing.
  • You are desperate for more comfort
  • You want to try and get a better/different sound
  • You want thicker pads so your ears don't touch the driver
  • You fancy trying the feel of different materials

Upgrade your headphones with our Kraken Pads

Here are several examples of the Kraken pads being used on other headsets. Our compatibility lists come from many places, either from our own testing, or from our customers. We scour many places, such as Amazon reviews, Reddit threads, blogs, image sites and our even our own competitionsto try find new models, so we can make life easier for you, and get you the right pad for your needs.


AKG have a huge range of headphones, from high end and expensive, to entry level and affordable. Models such as the K52 below can be improved massively by investing in a set of new pads, raising them up several levels and making them feel, and sound, a lot more then they originally cost.

The image below shows the K52 model, but these will also fit on the K72 and K92 versions, as they share the same mounting method.


AKG K52 headphones with Brainwavz Kraken ear pads


Image : AKG K52 with Brainwavz Kraken Ear pads - The hanger is the Brainwavz Ultra J - Large under desk hanger - photo by Brainwavzz

view the full kraken range here

AKG 240

More AKG compatibility and onto the next model range. This photo shows the pads mounted to the AKG K240 model, these fit like a glove and feel so good. The pads fit by slipping over the main head unit (as per original pads), as opposed to a groove mounting system on the K52, either way, the fit is still perfect and great upgrade from stock pads.

These pads should also fit the following models, note that we have not tested all these, this info is based on AKG OEM pads compatibility. "AKG K240 MKII / K240 / K270 / K271 MKII / K271 / K280 / K290 / HSC-271 / HSD-271"


Brainwavz Kraken ear pads on AKG K240


Image : AKG K240 with Brainwavz Kraken Ear Pads - The hanger is the Brainwavz Roost - desk-edge hanger (XL) - Photo by Brainwavz.

view the full Kraken range here


Taking a break for the AKG and onto Beyerdynamic. A company with a huge range of broadcast quality hardware and a reputation that is off the charts. But, this does not mean they couldn't use a little help in the pads department. If you feel you want to try something a little different then swap out the stock velvety goodness for some real leather sheepskins, or maybe some faux leather, or try our velour and perforated PU leather hybrids for comfort and clarity in one perfect pad. There is something for everyone, and well worth a shot at making the best even better.


Brainwavz Kraken ear pads on the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro


Image : Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO with Brainwavz Kraken Ear pads - photo by Brainwavz.

View full Kraken range here


This one is kinda obvious, but, these pads were designed for Razer Kraken gaming headset, so we couldn't very well leave them out of the party could we!! Razer have a huge, and somewhat confusing, array of Kraken models available  so beware, not all use the same mounting method. This  means our pads are only compatible with the models that use the slot/groove mounting system.

Brainwavz Kraken ear pads on the Razer Kraken headset

Image : Razer Kraken with Brainwavz Kraken Hybrid ear pads - The hanger is the Brainwavz Roost - desk-edge hanger (XL) - Photo by Brainwavz..

View full kraken range here


Most of our compatibility lists come from our customers, here is the latest confirmed list (as of writing this blog post) - for a full, and  up-to-date list, please check the Kraken pads collection page here.


Featured Headphone Hangers - Roost and Ultra-J

Brainwavz specialize in headphone hangers of all shapes and sizes and to fit headphone models from large to hulking great big gaming sets.

Check out our under-desk UltraJ, designed for headsets with larger headbands, like those illustrated above. The Roost hanger comes in a few different sizes, so you can choose what versions suits your needs best.

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