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    News — Review

    Brainwavz Truss - Best Under $25 Winner

    YouTube Blogger and gadget lover Karl Conrad has just released his latest monthly "Best Tech Under $..." round-up, and we are happy to report that our very own Truss Headphone Hanger made it into the list!!

    The Truss is an all-metal, dual hanger, that sticks under desks and shelves with space for 2 headphone sets - all neatly stored off the desktop (or floor!!), out of the way but ready and waiting for when you need them.

    Oh, and just to clear up a small error in the video, its "brainWAVES" and not BrainWAFS" - we all had a little giggle at that one.

    Watch the video below.

    Truss Hangers are available from:

    Brainwavz Direct - Amazon UK - Amazon COM:

    Hengja - Top 5 Tech Under $25

    Once again Brainwavz have graced another list of awesome products, this time its Jonathan Morrison over on his YouTube channel who placed our Hengja on his 4th instalment of "Top 5 Tech Under $25".

    Check out the very professional video below, then head on over to his YouTube channel, subscribe and let  him know what an awesome choice he made.

    As mentioned in the video the Hengja is an adaptable, stylish and built from solid metal - it can handle the heaviest of headphones, be mounted in vertical or horizontal locations as well as extended to house extra wide headphones plus .. it looks AWESOME!!!

    View details here and remember to subscribe to our site for all the latest news, offer and product updates



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