B400 - Dobre Review (Polish)

by Mark Dawson April 04, 2019

Great review from Polish blog site https://www.dobreprogramy.pl/.

Thanks to Chrome and their built in translate tools we can see that they loved the B400 and appreciate that they are worth every penny (or "dollar spent"), plus, at time of writing, they are now on sale at only $164.50 AND we have also added 4 new COSMIC colours - all links and details below.

B400 review from Poland

I think that they are worth every dollar spent. I can definitely recommend it to people who sometimes like to focus on the details of the music, but also just relax with it.

More info on the B400 here

Read the full review from Dobre Blog here

More review and articles on the B400here.

See all the new COSMIC colours here

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Image used in this article is property of  https://www.dobreprogramy.pl/
Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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