Latest Earpads Compatibility - October

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This is just a few of the latest headphones we have discovered that work with Brainwavz Audio Earpads.

Brainwavz pads are universal, they can fit many many different makes and models of headphones. As much as we would love to buy every set and confirm compatibility, it's just not possible, so, we are always on the look out for new models and we scour social media, reviews and even our own competition entries to bring you the latest news and make it easier to get the right pads for your headphones.


Our largest earpad, designed for larger, over-the-ear style headsets. Same great materials and memory foam, with a huge selection to choose from, just BIGGER! See the full range here.


Big headsets need big pads, and, when its part of your job comfort is very high on the agenda. 

image property of voiceoversbydave via Instagram


Another entry into our monthly competition and another feather in the cap for AKG. These pads slip on perfectly to replace the originals.

image property of  thojsz via Instagram


Yet another match for AKG, this time for the K7XX model. This time the user has gone for the super smooth and luxurious Micro Suede versions

image property of  esemamon @Pepefer96 via Twitter

BRAND: Audio Technica MODEL: ATH-900

Amazon user review, well worth a read, some good technical data, as well as images.

image property of  SSDvia Amazon

BRAND: Superlux MODEL: HD-681

Another review and sample image from the same user as above, once again a good read, both  models are a perfect fit for the XL pads.

image property of  SSD via Amazon

BRAND: Audio Technica MODEL: AD1000X

This is perfect example of why people choose our pads to replace stock ones. This user did not like their ears touching the driver, so, they got our XL velour installed to give the old ears some breathing room - awesome..

image property of toodamnfrank via Instagram,

BRAND: Audio Technica MODEL: ATH-AD2000X

Cooling gel memory foam earpads on the ADH-AD2000X - look to be  a fine fit indeed..

image property of  quazacolt via Instagram


These chunky headphones deserve some similarly chunky earpads!

image property of  rommelv  via Instagram


The smaller of our two round sets, these 100mm pads are thick and compatible with many headsets, see full range here.

BRAND: Beyerdynamic MODEL: DT770

The rounds are a decent fit for this model, as can be seen with this image from a reviewer on Amazon. Also, for an even better fit, take a look at our Kraken range of pads.

image property of  naxxfish  via Amazon

BRAND: iFrogz MODEL: EarPollution Mogul

Not come across this brand before, but we are always happy to find lesser known names as often the stock pads can be atrocious.

image property of  Davvalco via Amazon

BRAND: Status audio MODEL: CB-1

No image for this one, just confirmation from Status Audio themselves that customers have provided feedback that our round pads do fit the CB-1 model.

Hey Ryan - we've been told by customers that the Brainwavz Round Pads fit the CB-1s pretty well.

information via Twitter Conversation 


The original and the best replacement pads. Our oval pads have changed many a users headphones experience and we continue to do so all these years later. View the extensive range, and full compatibility list here.

BRAND: Audio TechnicaMODEL: ATH-M45

Confirmation that our oval pads fit well on the older ATH-M45 headsets, these imagers are from our monthly photo competition.

image property of  Andy Peake via Facebook

BRAND: Logitech MODEL: G PRO and G PRO-X

One of Logitechs less "gamer" designs. The oval pads fit really well on these headsets.

image property of  unknown via imgur

BRAND: Pioneer MODEL: SE-305

A nice find here, and another entry from our comp. The owner of this sweet setup reports the pads fit well, and they certainly do look plush!

image property of  mattupover  via Instagram

BRAND: Razer MODEL:  7.1 Chroma USB

This model is slightly different than the other Razer models and different to the models we recommend for our Razer specific earpads. The user reports that they fit well, even though the Chroma use round pads originally.

they slide a bit, but they are snug enough where I don't need to worry about them falling off. These pads I think are normally for ATH-M50x's, but work pretty well

image property of  swordforhire via Instagram

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL: HD 535

The following information was supplied from a user via our customer support.

"I ordered and received this pair of Brainwavz replacement pads, and they are just a little bit loose in the HD535s, so they can fall out
That said, they work really well when I’m wearing them, very comfortable and the sound is much improved."

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL: HD 598

The following information was supplied from a user via our customer support.

Sennheiser hd598 is not on the compatible list but with a little trimming on the inside it can be done, i used the orig. ring which snaps on the headphone. So if someone asks its possible with a little diy.

That's all for now, we will post the next batch as soon as we have a good quantity to show you. You can also check out social media channels as we often post stuff there too.

If you have a headphone that we do not have listed then please let us know, or even better, enter it into our picture competition and you could win a $100, or $30 shopping spree in our store, check out all the details here.

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