Photo Competition - Terms and Conditions

  • Entries can be posted on either Instagram (feed, NOT stories or we wont be able to find the entry), Facebook (not the best place as FB does not use hashtags very well) or Twitter.
  • All entries must use the hashtag #BrainwavzAudio or they will not be considered.
  • A new competition will start on the 1st of every month and end on the last day of the month.
  • Only photos posted within the current month of the competition will be entered into that months draw.
  • Winners will be announced within 1st week of every month, and the user contacted via direct message.
  • Photos must be users own work and you must own the product you are posting an image of. Claiming other peoples' images as your own will disqualify you from the photo competition for ever.
  • Two winners will be chosen by Brainwavz, we have no specific method or criteria, its not based on likes or shares, or how professional it may be, it all depends how we feel on the day – its gonna be random in every way.
  • Prize is in the form of store credit for Brainwavzaudio.com only, and will be issued via one-off coupon code.
  • First place will receive a $100 store coupon
  • Second place will receive a $30 dollar store coupon
  • Prize is non-transferable and has no trade-in or monetary value beyond Brainwavz web store.
  • Coupon code must be used to it's full value in one purchase - any remaining credit left on the coupon will be forfeit.
  • When you enter the competition you agree to allow Brainwavz to publish your photo on our website / Blog, on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), email newsletters and on our flikr page - For any other locations we will seek specific permission from the owner of the image