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Drill Free Wall Mount for Wyze Pan V3 Camera, Easy to Install, No Mess, Strong VHB Holder with Screw In Option


Mount your Wyze Cam Pan Version 3 camera on any vertical surface for better viewing angles, plus it's out of the way and won't get knocked or accidentally moved.

Your camera fits easily into the base, and is secured with the included ¼” mounting bolt, keeping the camera safe, secure and in the best position for the best viewing angles. The power cord sits completely flat and exits via an access hole to the rear of the hanger.


  • Wall mounted for better viewing angles
  • Easy to install with Strong 3M VHB Adhesive
  • Screw in mounting option also, screws and screw caps inlcuded.
  • Wall mounted for better viewing angles
  • Access for power / charger cables
  • ¼” Bolt included
  • Screws / wall plugs included
  • Compatible with Wyze Cam Pan Version 3 (v3) ONLY!