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Dual Desktop Game Controller Holder Display Stand - Universal Design For Xbox One, Ps5, Ps4, Pc, Steelseries, Steam & More - UGDS-06


    Securely store two game controllers on the desk in a neat and tidy manner. Works with Xbox One, 360, PlayStation PS4, PS3, Steam Controller, Desktop PC Gamepads and most other third party game controllers.


    Enhance your gaming setup and look after your gaming gear with this all-in-one desktop storage solution, stylish stadium design is great for showing off your latest mods or displaying your collection.


    One stand for both your controllers, looks good, keeps your gamepads organized and in one place, a must have for your gaming setup!


    Not only will this holder keep your desk and game space tidy and clutter-free, it also keeps your regular controllers within easy reach, or, you can simply slide it out of the way when you need a little extra room.


    Protective felt pads included to help protect your furniture and other surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nice way to store controllers

I only game on a pc so using controllers isn't something I use every time, so having a nice way to store my controllers out of the way is preferable to having controllers just floating around my living room.


Perfect for Xbox and Switch Pro controllers, PlayStation 5 controllers are slightly rounded so they don’t balance as well but hold on nicely! I love the felt pads that stick on the bottom, definitely worth the purchase! Thank you!

Sturdy stand to contain all my kid's controllers...

My son has way too many controllers thrown all over his desk. In an effort to contain and organize them, we picked one of these up. It works great and he actually uses it. Sturdy enough to hold his Xbox controllers and is black so it doesn't show all the dirt floating around his room (he's a teenage boy, no matter how hard we try, there's dirt).


It's nice to finally have a place for the Xbox controllers. They sit up like there are on display. The bottom has non slip pad to help it stay put. Controllers stay on and easy to grab off. I love it 5 stars

Very Functional!

My review is based on Xbox One controllers. I also used this display stand for my Nintendo Switch Pro controller but I personally think that the Xbox One controllers fit more flush with this specific stand.The stand has a very nice aesthetic look to it when displayed. I've seen other stands that are too bulky or awkward in design but this flows very well once you place your controllers on it.The package comes with adhesive tape that you stick underneath, which basically substitutes as your rubber feet padding so the stand doesn't move anywhere or scratch your desk. I just wish that the company would use some sort of liners with their products so the controllers are more protected once you place them on the actual stand. I think as long as you place your controller gently nothing will get damaged. Especially if you have any limited edition remotes that you don't want to scuff up. If this controller stand did have padding then this would definitely be a five-star product in my opinion.

Pretty good for most controllers

This seems to fit the typical controller shape nicely. It's not so good for the standard Switch controller, which doesn't have the cutout shape most controllers have. But if you're using a controller with a normal shape (including Switch Pro) then this will hold two of them nicely.


I purchased this controller stand after I purchased a different one on Amazon. It was poorly designed and tipped over when my headset was hanging. Very annoying.

This Brainwavs stand is awesome though! I was skeptical because it's 3D printed, but it looks so good in person. Very high quality 3D printed stand. There is one small complaint I have which is the reason for 4 stars-It doesn't fit Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers the way I was hoping. It fits regular Xbox controllers perfectly but for some reason the front half of the stand doesn't have as much depth as the rear half of the stand so with two Elite Series 2 controllers the front controller doesn't sit in its spot all the way. It's very minor, but noticeable. If the stand was reconfigured and they fixed that it would be a 5star stand all day. It's still a great product and I still recommend it, just would like to see the front controller fit the same as the rear controller using two Elite Series 2 controllers.

It's just 3d printed plastic..

This controller stand does hold controllers. My issue is that it's nothing but a chunk of 3d printed plastic. It slides around when pulling controllers in and out. It does come with some foam stickers that somewhat helps keep the controllers from sliding out. It's also not too visually appealing.. it has a "ribbed" texture from the 3D printing process. It could have been finished a bit better.

Does the job but needs work.

The stand is rather well-made, and the plastic is sturdy. Having said that, it does look like it's 3D printed, making it look a bit cheap. As a stand, it works well in showing off your controllers. I was able to place different types and shapes and they all fit. Unfortunately, there is no good rubber or felt padding in the cradle area, and that makes the controllers slip and move around with any little movement on the table. Sure, I can put some rubber tips or felt tape myself, but I should not have to mod it as this is not a cheap stand.I would definitely recommend it at a much lower price.