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Headphone Memory Foam Earpads - Round - Sheepskin Leather

  • The Brainwavz Round Earpads are designed for comfort and style with the outer material made from high quality sheepskin Leather and the inside cushion made from high grade memory foam. The pads are designed for large, over ear headphones with a pad diameter around 100mm.

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    NOTE: Inner core uses PU Pleather for purposes of earpad shape stability

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews

came as advertised, albeit slightly smaller than i expected they fit and are quite comfortable even in long duration sessions.

Fits Taotronics TT-BH046

These look and feel like they are much higher quality than the original ear pads or the cheap no-name replacements on Amazon.


Received in a timely manner and wayyyy better quality than the original pads for my Corsair virtuoso.
Firm and comfortable for long uses.

Fit Beyer DT-770s perfectly

They're very nice, high quality, comfortable, they fit the beyer-dynamic headphones perfectly.Installation was easy. They do change the character of the headphones slightly making them more isolated and cushy, overall I'd say it's an improvement from the stock originals.

Extremely tight fit but great replacements

(My headphones=Akg-k240) First I have to say that it was difficult getting these on the headphones. I have a recording studio and I have done it many many times, but these were far more difficult than any I've ever encountered. Having said that, once I got them on they are wonderful. They are much softer than the original, and being real sheepskin leather, they will certainly last much longer. After only 2 years the old ones are cracking and drying up. They sit roughly the same height as the originals, but are much softer and give the same sonic characteristics as the originals. I have a tendency to wear them for many hours at a time, so it's important that they be comfortable, and these definitely are. I highly recommend these if you wear yours for extended periods. Just be careful and take your time putting them on.


The stock pads on just about every pair of headphones are terrible. This upgrade makes cheap headphones luxurious. No more of that hot, sticky feel. I paid almost as much for the pads as I did for the headphones!

Fixes the awful earpads on 1more triple drivers

Nice and soft for all-day use, I just peeled the idiotic on-ear pads off my 1more triple drivers and wrapped these around the metal driver cup for a factory-looking fix that makes them proper over-ears. The depth and size and foam density make them perfect, not impacting the sound quality whatsoever.If you own more 1more triple driver headphones, buy these, peel off the original trash, and slip these on for a completely fixed experience.


A perfect product. No stitching inconsistencies as I had with the ovals. Massive sound improvement for bass extension / punch for my legacy Sennheiser HD 540 reference (1985) that are considered bright sounding headphones. Comfort is epic now, had a 6 hour session yesterday with 0 fatigue or temperature issues. Amazing.

Good replacement for stock pads on Monoprice Retro

Most people use the XL pads for these headphones but considering how large the standard pads are I thought that would be overkill for my head size. These were kind of difficult to install but once I got them on I knew I'd made the right choice. What shocked me the most was how much the bass improved over the stock pads. I was not expecting that much difference. Also, my ears no longer hurt so that's a plus too.

They THUMP hard. I cut out the fabric to places original filters from Sonorous IIIs.

The Sonorous IIIs came with synthetic leather that has started to flake after a month so I cut out the filter and placed it into the BRAINWAVZ Sheep skins and now they sound even better.I tried the original filters with the extra fabric in tact with the Sheepskins but that removed the highs from the treble, so I cut out the fabric and they're now perfect. The Sheep skins are very tight and elastic, they were perfect to keep the original filters in without them wiggling.