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Headphone Memory Foam Earpads - XL Size - Sheepskin

  • The Brainwavz XL earpads are designed for comfort and style with the outer material made from high quality Sheepskin Leather and the inside cushion made from high grade memory foam. The XL pads are designed for large, over ear headphones with a pad diameter around 110mm.

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    NOTE: Inner core uses PU Pleather for purposes of earpad shape stability

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Customer Reviews

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Great replacement for old ear pads.

Soft and Comfy

This is my second set of Brainwavz cushions. I decided to get the sheepskin because my others cracked and peeled after about 2 years, but the comfort was undeniable. These are super soft and just as comfortable. Worth the money IMO. If I have to get another set in 2 years I will. Just that comfortable. I use these on the Superlux HD668-B.


I have bought several headphone pads from brainwavz over several years. These just like the others are great! Well made and comfortable.


Great feel, fitted nicely to my DT990’s, changed the sound a little, mostly adding more bass and volume overall. Try before you buy for DT990’s, but I am happy with them.

Sheepskin pair is very good

I have had these for just over a year and a half, and they are holding up very well. I wear them 6-8 hours a day M-F and show very little signs of wear. I also clean them once a week with a damp soaped cloth and wipe clean with a damp cloth

Quite universal as claimed

Sheepskin leather is very comfy and the material does wonders by comparison for my skin during extended use where heat and moisture can accumulate. Inner foam is plush and soft. The leather is expertly stitched. I purchased these for a pair of Beyer Dynamics DT 990 Pros but soon after ended up swapping headphones to Sennheiser HD 650s. To my surprise and delight these fit both headphones despite the different earcup shape. They can be a little tricky to get on, I would compare to replacing a tire in the way the lip must be pulled around. It does deepen the base sounds as other reviewers mention, I personally didn't find this a problem, and was reasonably able to adjust to taste with the software on Amp/dac. As someone who initially thought these to be expensive and even superfluous, I am a firm advocate for the product and I'll be a returning customer.

Great for DT 770

Works great for DT 770 32ohm with bounty paper towell mod. Should last longer than the fake leather version. Just make sure to clean them after each use.

AKG K550

I think I might be going a bit against the grain here and say these not only fit right, but also to my ears, improve the sound overall. Probably I am getting a bit better seal, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Great quality & comfort, Perfect fit for JVC HA-RX700

I got the sheepskin pads on sale from Brainwavz website for around $30. The quality and comfort blew me away. They really transform the JVC from a good headphone to a great headphone. They slightly increased bass response and widened the soundstage a fair amount compared to stock pads. But the greatest improvement is comfort, I can wear these all day long now.


My akg 550's pads started to flake and peel after 5 years of light use, so I got these genuine leather lambskin xl replacement pads on recommendations from reddit threads and YouTube videos. I purchased directly from the manufacturer website as they had a sale and shipping was only 1 day--just as fast as amazon. They weren't the easiest to replace but with some patience and diligence, I was able to fit them without too much trouble. Check out youtube for the how-to videos if you have any issues. One things to note is that they don't have the plastic ring the original AKG pads have, but once they are on, they don't move around. The soundstage is slightly changed, but after listening to music with them on for 30 min, I don't notice it anymore--songs I've been listening too forever sound just as I remember. I'm really satisfied thus far. My only hope is that they last longer than the original pads.