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Angled Oval Headphone Memory Foam Earpads

Dark Red
Dark Blue
Dark Grey
  • The Brainwavz Angled Earpads have been designed to enhance comfort on headphones in a stylish manner. These replacement pads are wrapped in  Protein PU Leather, on the inside we use a hi-grade memory foam cushion for the ultimate in comfort and long life These ear pads are suitable for use on the Brainwavz HM5 headphones as well as many other large over the ear headphone models.

    Compatible with: Audio Technica ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M20X, SteelSeries Arctis, 3, 5, 7, 9, HyperX Cloud & many many more.

    View compatibility list here

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable as heck I like it so much 🗣️🔥

Angled Oval earpads in Dark Red

Don't know how it is assumed to easily put on these replacement earpads, but too myself and with help of wife's hands to finally get both pads to fit inside of small gap around the Sennheiser HD 4.50 Btnc headphones. Original earpads are not (fit over the ear), but on the ear from Sennheiser! Caused problems with hearing full audio sound. Possibly if you have small ears, the originals will be fine! I don't consider my ears large, I'd say average in size. They pull off easily enough. But putting on a pair of these Brainwavz ovals was an hour pain in the butt! The dark red looks more a maroon color though. That being said, the replacement oval muffs are larger, fit over the ears with no problems, are snug enough to block out the ambient sound of a box fan running on low! Sleep with a fan running all year long! I'm hard of hearing in both ears! But these larger muffs made the Sennheiser HD 4.50 Btnc come alive! Actually have to lower the sound from these larger, better fitting muffs! I also ordered an angled oval pair of muffs with the Velour on them! Watched a 2 hour movie and muffs were somewhat warm after sitting against head and jaw afterwards. Not hot, but warm. The dark red does look nice against the mostly black Sennheiser's. But in my opinion, kinda has a maroon look to them! Very glad to have found the Brainwavz site! Now I need a pair of Skullcandy Crusher ANC XT for my old time rock and instrumental music and order some Brainwavz for them!


No loss of sound quality fit my bphs1's perfectly after a bit of struggle good price


Very nice upgrade for my ath m30x. Very comfortable slightly increased the bass, and soundstage a little. I would definitely recommend. 👍🏻


Love them. So comfortable as my ears fully fit inside them


Pretty good.

Fit AKG k553 Pro if you're careful

After getting used to them and maybe the softened up a bit I am very happy.My AKG k553 Pro pads started disintegrating. Took some careful stretching to get these on but I am very happy indeed. May have actually increased the comfort by taking some weight off the lightly padded headband and dispersing the clamp well around my ears. I can wear them for hours

10/10 Would give as a gift to Dumbo.

My ear lobes got chafed easily with the stock HyperX Cloud 2 ear cups. These add a lot of space for my ears to be in their natural position comfortably and their angled design makes the headset feel much more secure and almost like new.

Great replacement!

The factory pads fell apart so had to be replaced. If I had known how nice these were I would have done it sooner. This is how they should have come with when new.... Very easy to change.

They are comfortable and sound great on T50RP

The Brainwavz Angled Pads are recommended for anyone looking for more comfort. I have them on a modded Fostex T50RP. Sounded great with a little more bass. They were a little tricky to get on but if you take your time its not bad. Use your fingers to gently stretch the pad before putting them on. I just ordered some of the Sheepskin Angled Pads as the leather is starting to come apart on these. But that's after 3 years of daily use, 1000's of hours.