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HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones

  • The HM5 are high-performance Studio Monitors that won't "color" your music but reproduce it honestly just the way it sounded in the studio. The HM5 are for those that really want to hear everything clear and precise, that demand the upmost accuracy and perfection in their music.

    For the home studio enthusiast or high-end content creator the HM5 will be there, helping you get the best you can and create the sweetest sound for your projects. For the rest, that just want to listen, be happy in the knowledge that the HM5 will open your ears to a sound you never knew existed and do it in comfort with a hint of retro style.

    The HM5 offers a comfy, padded headband with extendable arms and pivoting cups for and adaptable and comfortable fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Great headphones, worth the price

You get a lot for your money. The headphones are great, 2 sets of headphone cables (long and short), and a quality case. These are great headphones

Great Quality for a Great Price!

I returned a pair of Bose that were too heavy, hard to use, hurt to wear. I consulted independent research and decided these were exactly what I wanted- wired (long cord), travel case is extra bonus, simple pads & changeable, great sound quality (I am not in the studio or an audiophile, I just like to listen to "my music" while online & my husband hates my musical choices! ) Well, my husband liked mine so much , he got a pair for himself and he LOVES them too. Great price, great sound, and an extra set of earpads ! Thanks BrainWavz- HM5 is excellent!

Great Neutral Headphones

Really excellent pair of neutral headphones. If you want a lot of bass, these are not for you, but they are wonderful for critical listening on the go. They can also be EQed to your preferred sound. No amp necessary, but pairs well with FiiO A5.

Fantastic bang for your buck

Neutral sounding headphones that sound great and don't break the bank. The sound quality is one of the best for the price range. Noise isolation is fantastic as well. Very comfortable, the earpads have plenty of foam and the headband is padded as well. The cables are high quality and don't transmit too much noise when they are touched. Build quality is great for the price, the band itself is made of metal, with plastic pieces to keep the weight and cost down. Better buy than the audio technica m40xs. If you're looking for a closed back headphone with a neutral sound signature, this is it.

Frequency response is flat as a board

I have had many headphones. This is the least colored, flattest frequency response of any headphone I have ever heard. I do digitizing / remastering and these phones allow me to hear exactly what what was recorded.There are not enough stars to muster for these superb, rugged, well engineered headphones. Can I give 50 stars?

Very warm sounding

So far I haven't found anything which glares out as a problem. The price was right, the headphones sound exceptional for their cost, and overall they are not fatiguing, so I think given their price, they're a bang-for-buck purchase.

Studio monitor capable headphones

An excerpt of the conclusion from our published story:The Brainwavz HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones are just that. Studio monitor capable headphones. If you desire to hear the music as it was designed and created in the studio in your home, or when jogging around the neighborhood or on your treadmill, these headphones supply that experience and more. Flexible cable lengths, gold coated connections, spare earpads, a great case and of course that 1/4 inch adaptor bring them closer to what I like in a headphone: Versatility. The last pair of headphones I had with replaceable parts, earpads and cables were Sennheiser HD 414s in the 1980s. Nothing lasts forever. The 2 year warranty is double most manufacturer warranties. They are more bulky than my regular studio headphones and don’t fold up, so I will still be using my Sony’s for years to come on the road. In in my home studio I would be proud, and confident to hand these to any musician working with me that day that what he’s hearing is what we got in the can. These HM5 headphones are worth the money. Our final score, was 9 out of 10.Mike Evans - Editor - Poc Network // Tech

Best sound Best comfort

I do a lot of audio recording and video production work and have a sizeable collection of various headphones for various uses but my favorite is always these Brainwavz headphones.You just cannot beat the full rich clean sound. I have also taken to using them for various other purposes from watching TV to listening to music.Their comfort level is just unbeatable even for long hours. First of all they fit all the way around the ear, even if your ears are slightly large. The quality of the entire product including the ultrasoft leather ear pads is just hard to beat. I have had them for about a year now so I have had time to thoroughly evaluate them.Great product and I highly recommend them.

Very Comfortably and light weight. With great sound

Very Comfortably and light weight. Totally covers your ears. Love the sound quality. Can wear them for hours and are still comfortably.

Five Stars

Perfect sound quality, everything is as expected. Highly recommended!