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ProStock ATH M50X & M Series Replacement Earpads - Custom Designed Shape with Memory Foam - PU

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  • Brainwavz ProStock Earpads have been specifically created for the Audio Technica ATH series of professional headphones as a replacement for the stock pads. These pads have been designed to give you all the benefits of our classic oval pads including superior memory foam, comfort and material options, without sacrificing the original soundstage offered by the stock pads.


    The primary goal of ProStock earpads is to give users of the ATH series more options and choice without sacrificing the headphones original soundstage. A thinner pad with a unique concave profile with all the benefits of quality memory foam and superior materials.


    The concave profile allows for a much more organic and natural fit. Less pressure is put on the ears and the dish-like design better fits the curvature of the head.


    Engineered for amazing sound quality, we use the best protein PU leather for the ultimate performance, expect to be impressed.

Customer Reviews

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Love that new pad feeling


Overall was skeptical of how it would fit and if it would change the sound profile in a negative way. I find they definitely were worth the money, comfy. I am a warm person and over ears will always make me run warmer but I found these to be abit more breathable. Would recommend


Fit my headphones perfectly and they are very comfortable

Comfortable and fit on my ATH-M40x headphones

Bought these as a replacement for my badly disintegrating original pads. The replacement process only took a few minutes, and the new pads sound good and are quite comfortable. Would recommend as a replacement for the stock pads.

Work great and easy to install.

I bought these to replace the ear pads on my Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 headphones. They fit perfectly.

vastly better than the OEM earpads

The Brainwavz ProStock ATH M50X Upgraded Earpads are significantly more comfortable than the earpads that come with the ATH-M50X. To my ears they sound basically the same. These earpads have made these "industry standard" headphones bearable. The OEM earpads were painful, being both too hard and too small in circumference. The Brainwavz earpads are a must-have for these headphones, in my opinion. These headphones still clamp way too tight on my noggin', but these Brainwavz earpads make it bearable for much longer.


Perfect! Gave my M50X a new lease of life! 🤘🏻

100% Perfect for Audio-Technica ATH-M40x flaking FIX with BETTER bass and sound quality!

100% Perfect for Audio-Technica ATH-M40x flaking FIX with BETTER bass and sound quality!I'm actually shocked that they do what they say they do as I thought it was just some BS marketing claim that they don't change the sound quality. I'm super happy I went with BRAINWAVZ PRO STOCK (PU) as they are way better for sound and comfort compared to the original Audio-Technica earpads,I read lots of reviews on many sites and these were the only ones that stood out as a worthwhile buy.$34 AUD isn't expensive but also not cheap but you get what you pay for... so totally worth it just for the no drop in sound quality as I've read happens with most other earpads reviews.Easy to put on, comfortable and didn't notice any drop in noise cancelling or sound quality; I actually feel the bass is better with them than with the original Audio-Technica earpads.HEADBAND FIX: To stop the flaking problem on the headband on Audio-Technica's I used black electrical tape from the hardware store (Deta PVC electrical insulation tape) as its less sticky than duct tape so if I need to remove it, it won't be an ordeal and that will stop the flaking issue. I then used Automotive stereo/wiring loom harness cloth tape (Tesa) over the top of the PVC electrical tape for comfort and to add grip (incase the protector moves etc). Then used/purchased a protector by DEFEAN - "Headphone Protector Headband Fabric for Audio Technica M30 M40 M50 M50X M50S M40X Headphone" $13.99 AUD (BLACK)Great product Brainwavz : ) Thank you for saving my M40x's from flaking all over me!NOTE: I did take out the thin piece of foam from the original Audio-Technica's and put it in to the Defean ones as I read a review that someone found it helped the audio quality a lot. The Defean Pro Stock (PU) earpads don't come with a piece of foam. Some people will find that the piece of foam in their original Audio-Technica has worn out and can't be put into the Defean ones (as I've read in reviews) I'm unsure how to solve this if you find this is your situation.Hope this helps : )


very comfortable ear pads, easy to replace as well

Comfortable & Clear

Purchased as replacement pads for my ATH-M50X headphones. They fit as advertised and help eliminate pain from wearing glasses. Pretty pleased with the purchase so far.