ALARA - Finally! - the Z REVIEW we've been waiting for.

February 18, 2019 1 min read

Got to say, its been a nervous few weeks, waiting for this "Z Review" of our Alara headphones.

It's safe to say the Zeos Pantera was not happy with us, each to their own, so, to make up for this, and to make him love us again, we took a gamble and sent over a pair of our latest planar magnetic headphones for one of his unique, and blunt, POV reviews.

Several weeks had passed and our finger nails are all but worn down, then, out of the blue it appears!. With baited breath we watched and sighed in relief as Zeos praised the Alara!

Have a watch for yourselves, its a half our of pure Alara love, where he was using them for 4 weeks straight, is astonished at their sound and quality, and, we even gained a round of "golf claps" to seal the deal.




Direct link to the YouTube video here

Also, a full sound demo here

Find more information on the Alara Here

View more articles on the Alara here

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Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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