B200 Gadgety News Review

by Mark Dawson January 11, 2018

Gadgety News have been having a listen to our B200 Dual Armature earphones and we are happy to hear that they are pretty darn impressed.

They got their hands on an original set in black, but things have changed a little since then, don't panic, its only the outer shell that's changed, comfort and sound quality remain the same. These earpahones are now 3D printed in-house for faster turnaround and keep prices low.

B200 review at gadgetynews.com
  • So comfortable
  • Great neutral audio
  • Mids are excellent
  • Good bundle
  • Sub £100 asking price
  • No inline controls (if that bothers you)

Also this change in shell covers the one bad point in the review and that is that they had no in-line controls, well now we have removable cables, so you can have that all important mic / remote cable if you want, or not, it's all up to you.

New B200 V2 Body Styling

Read the full review on their website here.

View product details here.

Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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