B200 - NO BS! - IT's GOOD!

by Mark Dawson March 08, 2019

The wonderfully named "nobsaudiophile" have dropped a new review for our middle child of the Balanced Armature Family.

The B200 is  dual driver in-ear earbud, 3D printed and tuned to perfection by Brainwavz main man, luckily "Nymphonomaniac" (thats their Headfier name - not a description :) ) seemed to really appreciate the efforts we have put in to these, check out the review then come back and treat yourself.

"Brainwavz get more and more serious with there iem offering and have a bright promising futur if they continue to create such good sounding iem that put to shame most other chi-fi audio engineer in term of tuning capabilities."

View the full review here

View more information on the B200 here

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Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson - Website Manager | Blog Writer | Image Maker - Welcome to Brainwavz Audio

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