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by Mark Dawson May 21, 2018

the-gadgeteer.com have had a chance to play, test and review our updated B200 Balanced Armature earbuds. The B200 are our in-house designed and built dual driver set that feature an in-ear shell with MMCX detachable cables.

Gadgeteer image of the B200 earphones from Brainwavz

Alex Birch from Gadgeteers' review of the B200 is from a very personal and practical viewpoint, from looking at the shape and design for thewir ear type to praising the selection of eartips included, which, as Alex points out is both neglected by many manufacturers and misunderstood buy many users - getting the right tip for your ear is one of the most important things you can do. Alexs' final thoughts on the B200 are:-

  • The sound. Accurate and clear
  • Comfort, especially with Comply tips
  • Secret service up-and-over ear wrap
  • Replaceable cable
  • The price. This is a lot of earphone for the dollars

Gadgeteer B200 image review - Alex with B200 in the ear

As for the things Alex does not like, well, he would like us to include a dedicated lightening cable, we personally would prefer the headphone socket to return .. just say no to no headphone socket.

Read the full review here

Product details here

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Mark Dawson

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