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Replacement Earpads for Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphones - So Many Choices

August 23, 2022 4 min read

WHAT ARE THEY: The ATH M50x are an extremely popular headset, known for their accurate audio and outstanding comfort, and a favourite amongst audio professionals, content creators, and music lovers in general.

As well as the ATH-M50x there are also several more models that use the same mounting method  for installing replacement earpads.

Range of compatible ATH-M Audio Technica headsets


Yes, earpads are a perishable item - they have a finite life. Just think about all the abuse they get, on and off your head all the time, with all that that sweat soaking in and leaving them smelly, mouldy and  ... well, you can imagine. All this abuse does two major things, it affects the comfort of the headset, and can ruin sound quality - in short: old pads = bad performance.

Sometimes we just need a change, for whatever reason, maybe the originals are not to your taste or feel quite hard and uncomfy after prolonged use, or, you are looking for a new sound or to play with different materials for comfort  - whatever the reason we probably have something that will fit your needs.

So, what are you after in a replacement pad?

  • You are desperate for more comfort
  • You want to try and get a better/different sound?
  • You want thicker pads so your ears don't touch the driver?
  • You fancy a new colour to match your rig / setup
  • You just have a bigger head or ears and need a pad that works for you .. or a smaller head - the wrong pad can be uncomfy!!!
  • You just want something that looks, sound and feels the same as the OG pads.

Easy Groove Mount System

The Audio Technica ATH-M series use a simple pad mounting system that allows them to be easily replaced when need. There is no proprietary plastic mounting ring, or worse, GLUE!!!, just a simple slot/groove around the edge of the head units, where fresh new cushions can be slid on with ease, opening up a vast array of customisation and replacement options for the users.

Groove mounting system on the Audio Technica ATH-M series headphones

Brainwavz Earpad Options

Luckily for you we have a lot of options that work perfectly with the groove / slot mounting system, pretty much all of our universal pads can be used, meaning you have a lot of choice, and some decisions to make.


They are small and thin, available in many colours and materials, great for smaller ears, or those that like on-ear style pads. These pads will certainly bring you closer to the driver, and help reduce clamping force if that is an issue you are looking to correct. Size wise they are pretty much the same as the original, but with superior memory foam, and additional colour/material options.

Brainwavz small oval pads on Audio Technica ATH M-50x headphones

Image : Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones with Brainwavz Small Oval Pads in perforated PU (faux) leather.

Small oval pads collection

View the full range of small oval pads here.


Now these are a little different, as in they were designed specifically for the Audio Technica ATH-M series. They have a unique stadium profile design with a similar thickness to the stock pads. They offer more material options and a firmer pad with our high-grade memory foam. These fit like a glove, and the sloped profile sits so gently over the ears. If you want to retain as much of the feel and sound as the original pads then there are the ones to go for.

Brainwavz prostock earpads on Audio Technica ATH M-50x headphones

Image : Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Brainwavz ProStock pads in real Sheepskin leather.

ProStock earpads collection

View the full ProStock range here


These pads were designed to fit the Steelseries Arctis headsets, but, as they use the same mounting system as the ATH-M series, they also fit pretty darn well on these too. Not a huge range to choose from, but the pads fit really well, similar to stock, but with better padding and material options.

Steelseries pads by Brainwavz

Image : Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Brainwavz Steelseries perforated  pads in faux leather.

Steelseries pads collection

View the full Steelseries range here


The ones that started it all for us, and the top dog in replacement pads, and it was the Audio Technica users that really took them to heart, without them we may not be where we are now. These are thicker, bigger and comfier, and you won't know what hit you when you compare these to the stock pads. Obviously they create a much larger space between the ear and the driver and things can change, but, its all about personal choice, I mean, they were bought by ATH users for a reason, so they gotta be doing something right.

Brainwavz oval pads on Audio Technica ATH M-50x headphones

Image : Audio Technica ATH-M50x Brainwavz Oval Perforated pads in Dark Red 

Classic oval earpads collection

View full Oval earpads range here

ROUND (100mm)

Yep, we know the head units on the ATH M50 ain't round, but these still fit, and fit well. Same great options and thickness as the ovals above, these may be better for those with smaller heads as the oval may come down to far into the neckline.

Brainwavz round pads on Audio Technica ATH M-50x headphones

Image : Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Brainwavz Round pads in White

Round earpads collection y Brainwavz

View full range of round pads here

XL (Large round 110mm)

The bigger brother to the round, the XL come in all the standard colours, same thickness as the ovals, and with our super comfy memory foam. These are big, and may look odd, but can be a great asset for those who feel they need something bigger, or maybe just fancy big soft pillows strapped to their heads!!

Brainwavz small oval pads on Audio Technica ATH M-50x headphones

Image : Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Brainwavz XL Perforated pads in Dark Blue

XL earpads collection by brainwavz

View the full XL round range here

Brainwavz earpads - side view

Fitting the Pads:

Check out this video to see how easy it is to replace the pads on the ATH-M series headsets - videos shows our large oval earpads.

Available from:

Brainwavz replacement earpads are available worldwide, from a wide variety of locations.

Amazon.com Brainwavz Store:

Brainwavz Global Web Store

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