HM5 Headphones - Review by The Red Ferret

by Mark Dawson April 19, 2018

"The Best Studio Monitor Headphones for the price!"

The Red Ferret (great name BTW) have posted a full-on video review of our HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones, they did get a little confused with the name though, so for reference they are HM5 and not MH5 :)

The review focuses on the neutral sound of the HM5, making them perfect for music and video production, where clarity and precision are needed. 

Red Ferret also gave out a mini review of aftermarket earpads, shown in the video in red colourway, the extra thick oval pads use high grade memory foam for extra comfort and long life, perfect, once again, for those long edit sessions at the PC or mixing station. 

Video is property of Red Ferret

  • Very detailed and crisp sound
  • Focused on vocals – good for editing
  • Fit very well and are comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • A lot of accessories (extra earpads, cable, carrying case) included in the box
  • Very good for the price
  • They fit well with glasses on
  • The drivers are very loud
  • No sound leakage

Visit Life Red Ferret - Here

Watch video on YouTube - Here

HM5 Headphones Available from:

Brainwavz Direct  |  Amazon COM | Amazon UK

EarPads Available from:

Brainwavz Direct  |  Amazon COM | Amazon UK

Some mages are screenshots from Red Ferret review


Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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