Latest Earpads Compatibility - Sept 2020

September 11, 2020 4 min read


This is just a few of the latest headphones we have discovered that work with Brainwavz Audio Earpads.

Brainwavz pads are universal, they can fit many many different makes and models of headphones. As much as we would love to buy every set and confirm compatibility, it's just not possible, so, we are always on the look out for new models and we scour social media, reviews and even our own competition entries to bring you the latest news and make it easier to get the right pads for your headphones.


Officially designed as replacement pads for the Razer Kraken headphones, these are a perfect fit for many other headphones - view full range and compatibility list here.

BRAND: Beyerdynamic MODEL: Amiron Wireless

This was an entry into our monthly photo competition and shows the Beyerdynamic Amiron wireless using a set of our "designed for" Kraken pads. These are the perfect fit for many of the Beyerdynamic range that use the same head unit style as the DT770 pro.

image property of caveccr.mexico via Instagram


The original and the best replacement pads. Our oval pads have changed many a users headphones experience and we continue to do so all these years later. View the extensive range, and full compatibility list here.

BRAND: Audio-Technica MODEL:ATH-M50xBT

The Audio Technica brand use a similar a mounting system across a large number of models, meaning there is a lot of compatibility across the them, and, will fit a wide range of pads from many of our collections. This model is from a twitter user, showing our classic oval PU leather pads on the M50xBT Bluetooth model.

image property of c@TwitchDerparn via Twitter

BRAND: Audio-Technica MODEL:ATH-M50xRD

Another Audio Technica model, once again, using the same simple groove mounting system found all over their ATH range, meaning easy compatibility with our classic oval pads. This model is the M50xRD, from an entry into our competition.

image property of anggerwaspodo via Instagram

BRAND: Philips Fidelio MODEL:L2

Another new discovery, once again from our photo competition, and the eventual winner for August 2020. This image shows the L2 with our super soft micro suede pads.

image property of @west_of_morro via Instagram

BRAND: HyperX MODEL:Cloud X Flight

The Hyper X range blend well with our pads, models like the Cloud 2, Stinger and more  are well covered, as is the cloud X flight. Another entry from our competition.

image property of @anonymous135777 via Instagram


These were initially designed as replacement  for a small set of Sony MDR headphones, but, it turns out they are compatible with many many more. See the full range and list here


While the small ovals were designed for specific Sony headsets (MDR-7506, MDR-V6, MDR-CD900ST), they fit many many other too, so its nice to discover more Sony gear that works well with these pads,enter the WH-CH700. 

View customer comments on

BRAND: Razer MODEL:Tiamat 7.1 Version 1

This is a perfect example of how customer reviews and feedback help. This review from Amazon also shows how to fit the pads successfully to this model, awesome, big thanks to Mike on Amazon.

View customer review and images on Amazon, with a quick guide on how to install the pads

image property of Amazon/Mike via Amazon

BRAND: Master & Dynamic MODEL:MH40

Another Amazon review with a few hints and tips on how to fit the pads. Also, replacement pads are $50 from M & D!!! you can get our Sheepskin ones for a lot less!! Better quality too!!

View customer review and images on Amazon, with some hints on how to install the pads

image property of Amazon Customer via Amazon


The smaller of our two round sets, these 100mm pads are thick and compatible with many headsets, see full range here.

BRAND: Corsair MODEL:Virtuoso RGB Wireless

Its good to get on the Corsair radar, most of their headphones are really odd shaped, but we do fit on the Virtuoso RGB wireless - yay. This find is from Reddit user u/SpaceBunnyl. Reddit is a great resource to look at and seeing if anyone else has successfully matched a headphones with our pads.

View the Reddit post, with some hints on how to install the pads.

image property of u/SpaceBunnylvia Reddit


Another entry from our competition, here we have The Fostex T20 wearing our round 100mm pads. This was also a winner in our July competition too - great pic and many thanks to the insta user for the interaction.

image property of @audioeng80 via Instagram

BRAND: Hyper X MODEL:Cloud Stinger

Just a snap from our Insta page, fit really well, comfy too .. of course!

image property of Brainwavz via Instagram

 That's all for now, we will post the next batch as soon as we have a good quantity to show you. You can also check out social media channels as we often post stuff there too.

If you have a headphone that we do not have listed then please let us know, or even better, enter it into our picture competition and you could win a $100, or $30 shopping spree in our store, check out all the details here.

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