NEW - Acrylic Accessory Shelves

October 20, 2021 2 min read

New shelves


Introducing a new range of small accessory shelves from Brainwavz. We have three new models for you, all made with a single piece of strong acrylic plastic, bent into the perfect shape. These new shelves also come with a non-slip felt base and can be stuck or screwed to the wall - all the details and links below.



Designed to look good on any wall and made from a single piece of strong plastic, bent to the perfect shape with smooth curves and a gloss-like finish. Perfect for small Bluetooth speakers, webcams, security & baby monitor cameras and smart devices like Google Nest Cam, Wyze Cam and much more.

4" FLOATING SHELF ONLY $12.79 (Normally $15.99)


All three of our new acrylic shelves come with 2 mounting options as standard.

3M TAPE: We have the classic 3M VHB tape, it's quick and easy and requires no tools, just peel and stick and you're ready to go.

SCREW MOUNT: All the hardware is included for a stronger and safer mounting option, including wall plugs, washers and a polished decorative screw cap for a more secure and stylish finish.


    The bigger brother to the 4" shelf above, it's wider to accommodate larger items, or even two/three items at once. Made from the same glossy plastic it's strong, stylish and comes with a non-slip felt base to ensure your prized possessions are safe and secure at all times.

    9" FLOATING SHELF ( 2 PACK ) ONLY $14.39 (Normally $17.99)


    Finally, we have something a little different, the Shelf305 is a wide, slimline shelf, designed to hold slimmer items and help create a practical display space on your wall. This shelf has an extra bend at the front to allow items like Mobile Phones, iPads, Tablets, eReaders, Fire Tablets, Kindles, Photos, Picture Frames & much more, to safely stand tall and proud and be seen and used with ease.

    There is also a small access hole on all shelves, perfect for passing through charger and power cables for small electronic devices.

    12" FLOATING SHELF ONLY (2 PACK):  $15.19 (Normally $18.99)

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