NEW : Alara Planar Magnetic Headphones

by Mark Dawson November 26, 2018

Brainwavz are proud to introduce the ALARA Our first foray into the world of PLANAR technology.

The Alara house some seriously powerful tech, including strong magnets, paper-thin diaphragms and custom CNC'd metal open back cups, all the tell-tale components that make up a Planar Magnetic Headphone - add in a little of that special Brainwavz sauce and your ears are truly in for a treat.

Pre-Order  Now on Brainwavz Web store  |  Only $499
(Normal price : $549.50)


  1. Planar Diaphragm
  2. Responsive and Accurate
  3. Metal Construction
  4. Open back design
  5. Removable Earpads and Cables

For more info and pre-order details visit Brainwavz Website

Pre Order now on Brainwavz Audio Webstore - here

Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson - Website Manager | Blog Writer | Image Maker - Welcome to Brainwavz Audio

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