New Hangers for Headphones and Dedicated Gamers

March 30, 2021 2 min read


We've turned the gaming storage solutions up to 11 with our latest two hangers. The Treo and the Anvil are two of the biggest hangers to date, and can handle 3 or 4 accessories at once! - check them out below.

Bringing up the rear and doing it for the headphones is our Ripple, a simple but stylish little hanger with a neat trick up its sleeve - read on to find out more.

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Anvil ultimate headphone hanger


Let's start with the biggest and baddest of them all - The Anvil. This is the ultimate twin gaming hanger setup, with space for two headsets and two controllers, all tucked away under your desk or shelf with our easy to install under-desk design - all-in-one and all safe ready for action when needed.

Get the Anvil now from Brainwavz web store - Only $17.15 (Normally $24.50)

Also available on Amazon.com

Treo - super stylish gaming hanger


Next up we have the Treo- a super stylish dual controller and single headset storage solution, that can be easily installed under desk and shelves, keeping your gear out of harms way, safe and ready when you are. Not only is this hanger super convenient it also looks super stylish when loaded up with your favourite controllers - check out more images and details here.

Get the Treo now from Brainwavz web store - Only $15.75 (Normally $22.50)

Also available on Amazon.com

    Ripple headphone hanger with cable slot


    Finally, and doing it for the lonesome headphones out there, we have the Ripple. Similar to our original Cradle hanger, but with a neat little cable slot that allows you to hook in your plug and help keep your gear safe, and that cable under control. The Ripple also has a distinctive texture to the finish that aids in griping the headband for even better stability - hence the name - Ripple.

    Get the Ripple now from Brainwavz store -  ONLY $8.39 (Normally $11.99) 


    Check out our where-to-buy page for reseller in your local area

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