NEW - Horizontal Under Desk Mounts

August 25, 2020 3 min read


Recover dead space from under desks and shelves.

The Brainwavz Horizontal Mounts are suitable for any device that has a max thickness of 1.5" / 38mm, and max weight of 4lb. No real constraints on the length and width of the device. Mount under shelves, desks, cupboards etc.

A lightweight and easy to install solution to move your everyday devices and accessories out of the way and utilise dead space under shelving, desks and other surfaces.

Create space and organise your gear with Brainwavz modular mounting system.

Horizontal mounts from Brainwavz

The Horizontal Mounts are made from tough plastic material, making them very strong and extremely light.


Join multiple Brainwavz mounts together to accommodate larger devices

Unique interlocking design allows multiple sets to be joined together, to accommodate bigger devices. (See dimensions below)

Suitable, but not limited to: Network switches, HDMI switches, capture cards, audio equipment, amplifiers, DAC's, keyboards, laptops, tablets, files, folder and much much more.

This hanger is compatible with: Devices up to 1.5" / 38mm thick | Devices up to 4lb


More features

ADAPTABLE: Unique interlocking design allows multiple sets to be joined together, to accommodate bigger devices. (See below for help on choosing how many sets you need)

RECOVER SPACE and GET ORGANIZED: Recover dead space under desks, shelves and more and de-clutter your desktop. The perfect tool to get organized and create space where it was once impossible.

SAFE and SECURE: Two foam pads are pre-installed on each bracket, creating a soft surface for your devices to sit on, as well as holding them stable during use.


Choosing how many sets you will need


1.9" / 50mm Height | 1.2" / 30mm Width | 3.9" / 99mm Length


Follow this guide to ensure you get the right number of sets for your device.

  1. Measure thickness of your device / item (top to bottom). Ensure it is no larger than 1.5" / 38mm.
  2. Measure your device / item from front to back, compare this to the bracket length of 3.9" to determine how many sets you need.
  3. Your device can overhang a little when on the bracket, but we recommend no more than an inch overhang on both the front and back, any more than that we would advise more brackets to ensure safe mounting


  • Space saving
  • Modular system
  • Join multiple sets to accommodate larger devices
  • Foam pads for better care of your equipment
  • Powerful 3M VHB tape
  • Easy to install - no screws, no mess
  • Lightweight and strong plastic construction
  • Store laptops, switches, Routers, hubs, TV Boxes, Audio Devices, Amps, Pre-Amps, Capture cards and much much more

    Available from:

    The mounts are available from all the usual places, including our own webstore, Amazon storefronts and our international resellers.

    Amazon.com Brainwavz Store:

    Brainwavz Global Web Store

    Check out our where-to-buy page for reseller in your local area


    More mounts from Brainwavz

    While you are here why not check out the other mounts.

    TABLET/PHONE MOUNT - View product page - View on Anazon.com

    Safely mount your phone or tablet on a wall so you can view it hands-free, by your bedside while you sleep, in the kitchen while you cook and wash-up - attach the hanger almost anywhere, keep it safe and secure while you get on with your day.

    1.5" VERTICAL MOUNT - View product pageView on Anazon.com

    Safely mount your Router, Cable TV Box, Network Switch, Laptop plus many many more on a wall or other vertical surfaces - reclaim your desk and shelf space, manage devices and cables with ease.

    Innovative two-piece design allows the ultimate in flexibility - you decide how wide it needs to be, as long as your device is no thicker than 1.5" / 38mm or heavier than 4lLbs / 1.8kg you are good to go.

    2.25" VERTICAL MOUNTView product pageView on Anazon.com

    Same as the 1.5" but for devices no thicker than 2.25" / 57mm or heavier than 6lb / 2.7kg.

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