New Perforated Earpads

June 29, 2020 2 min read

Finally - Perforated pads in out most popular Colors

Brainwavz perforated earpads have proven very popular of late, there seems to have been some kind of trend that we were not expecting! These pads are made from or normal top tier memory foam, and PU leather, but with small perforations all over the pads, this helps give a little air cooling and ventilation when in use. Well, we're on the ball now, and can finally present a full range of perforated pads in our most popular colors.


Earpads, they are actually a perishable and replaceable part of any headphones, they wear down through prolonged use, abuse, not to mention all that nasty sweat eating away at them. Worn out pads will ruin your headphones, they destroy the sound quality, become dirty and hard to clean and this is why we make earpads, so you don't have to suffer, and your headphones can sound, and look, like new.


Of course, your pads my be fine, even new and fresh, but are they right for you? This is where our different variations of pads com in, maybe you want thicker pads, comfier pads or to try different materials and experience their different acoustic abilities. - either way, we have something for you, experiment, play and find what works for you.


So, here we are, we now have perforated pads in all our pad variants, and in our best selling colours, dark red, black and a turquoise, just for good measure.


For the ever popular Sony replacement pads we give you both the Dark red and Turquoise perforated pads


We finally got round to adding perforated to this collection, with classic black and dark red colorways


We already had the black perforated in the XL, and now they are to be joined with the latest Dark Red color.


Finally we have our oval pads the original, and best, replaceable pad we have ever made. We released the black perforated a few months back, it's now joined with dark red, if you like them and want more colours, let us know!!

 All pads will be available online via our own website, Amazon store and resellers.

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Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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