by Mark Dawson February 07, 2018

New earpads from Brainwavz

Brainwavz introduce 3 new pads into our memory foam earpads collections.

XL ROUND PADS - We have added two new colorways to the XL Earpads collection. As well as the standard black set you can now choose from either Dark Red or White

ROUND PADS - Our standard round earpads have gained a whole new style to the range, you can now have these universal memory foam pads in our classic Hybridfinish, comprising a PU Leather outer material, soft Velour on top with a perforated PU Leather in the inside.

Brainwavz Hybrid round earpads


Our latest Round Pads in Hybrid style (PU Leather + Velour) - Brainwavz pads are thicker and comfier than stock pads, as well as longer lasting, plus high grade memory foam for the ultimate comfort fit.

Brainwavz XL round pads in Dark Red and White


Our PU Leather XL Round Pads are now available in Dark Red and White colorways, this compliments the standard black pads, and are all made with High Grade Memory Foam.

All our Brainwavz XL Round Headphone Earpads use high grade memory foam padding, providing new levels of comfort as it molds gently to the shape the listeners head, take them off and the foam expands to its original shape with no distortion.

View Our Complete Earpads Range Here


Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson

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