Review - Brainwavz B200 - by thatBeatsguy

by Mark Dawson May 26, 2017

Awesome review ahead, continue reading if you want to be impressed.

Another top review for our top-of-the-range earphones, this time from the experienced ears of "thatBeatsguy" over on

"The Brainwavz B200 exceeds expectations with its flagship IEM status, providing an excellent all-around package that embodies the very best of Brainwavz."

The review is, as ever, in-depth and thorough from thatBeatsguy, and takes a good hard look beyond the physical and deep into the heart of the B200, revelling in its detail and smooth, unexpected bass.

The B200 Dual Balanced Armature are top of our range for a reason, we have spent a lot of time tuning the drivers for a full and balanced sound experience and creating a design that's light, comfy and organic - all you need to do is relax and enjoy the music.

".... the B200 exhibits impressive bass control while allowing its inherent balanced armatures to sing its own brilliant tune. It is a very well-rounded sound signature that very accurately represents the best that Brainwavz has to offer."

Read the full review over at HERE

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Mark Dawson

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