Best earpads / Cushions for Steelseries Arctis - so many choices!

March 25, 2022 4 min read

Upgrade or replace pads on the Steelseries Arctis (All Models)


Brainwavz now have a dedicated collection of earpads designed specifically for the Sterelseries Arctis range of gaming headsets.

At this moment we have perforated and full on gaming pads with cooling gel. Both pads are designed to keep you cool when gaming, check out all the details in the links below. 

Steelseries gaming pads

Brainwavz Cooling Gel earpads in Black and White - Click here

Brainwavz Perforated gaming earpads ib=n Black and White - Click here

WHAT ARE THEY: The Artctis are an extremely popular, and stylish, range of gaming headsets from Steelseries, that, uniquely, share the same design over and ever expanding range - seriously, every time I go to their site there are new versions .... wireless ones, PS4 ones, xBox ones, Pro ones, budgets ones - the list goes on!!

Mashup of all steelseries arctic headsets


Yes, earpads are a perishable item - they have a finite life. Just think about all the abuse they get, on and off your head all the time, with all that that sweat soaking in and leaving them smelly, mouldy and  ... well, you can imagine. All this abuse does two major things, it affects the comfort of the headset, and can ruin sound quality - in short, old pads = bad performance.

Maybe you just want to swap your pads as the stock ones are, lets be frank, a little underwhelming. Maybe the originals are not to your taste / needs as they are quite thin, and feel quite hard against the head due to the lack-lustre foam that squashes so easily (sorry Steelseries), not great attributes for their intended purpose.

So, what are you after in a replacement  pad?

  • You are desperate for more comfort
  • You want to try and get a better/different sound?
  • You want thicker pads so your ears don't touch the driver?
  • You fancy a new colour to match your rig / setup
  • You just have a bigger head or ears and need a pad that works for you .. or a smaller head - the wrong pad can be uncomfy!!!

Luckily Steelseries made a system that allows for a lot of aftermarket options, especially from us.

Brainwavz Earpad Options

The Arctis use a groove system to mount the pads, its frankly the best system, as it allows for so many options, in fact, a LOT of options.


These pads we designed for the Sony MDR-7506, but fit many other headsets. They are small and thin, available in many colours and materials, great for smaller ears, or those that like on-ear style pads.

Image : Steelseries Arctis 3 with Brainwavz Small Oval Perforated pads in Turquoise - The hanger is the Brainwavz Titan - controller and headset hanger.

view the full range here


Originally designed for the  Audio Technica ATH-M series, the ProStock are a unique stadium profile design with a similar thickness to the stock Arctis pads. They offer more material options and a firmer pad with our high-grade memory foam. These fit like a glove, and the sloped profile sits so gently over the ears.

Image Steelseries Arctis 3 with Brainwavz ProStock pads in Dark Blue - The hanger is the Brainwavz Titan - controller and headset hanger.

view the full range here


The ones that started it all for us, and the top dog in replacement pads. These are thicker, bigger and comfier, and you won't know what hit you when you compare these to the stock pads. Also, we have a gaming specific set with SUPER soft micro suede, with a layer of cooling gel inside, the ultimate pads for heavy gaming sessions.

Image : Steelseries Arctis 3 with Brainwavz Oval Perforated pads in Dark Red - The hanger is the Brainwavz Titan - controller and headset hanger.

View full range here

ROUND (100mm)

Yep, we know the Arctis ain't round, but these still fit, and fit well. Same great options and thickness, these may be better for those with smaller heads as the oval may come down to far into the neckline.

Image : Steelseries Arctis 3 with Brainwavz Round Perforated pads in Black - The hanger is the Brainwavz Titan - controller and headset hanger.

View full range here

XTRA BONUS PAD: XL (Large round 110mm)

OK, this is extreme, these look huge on the Arctis and don't strictly fit out of the bag, but, with a piece of card and some scissors we can get crafty and make anything happen - this hack works pretty well - feel so good!!!

Again, this is just a hack, user tries this at their own risk, but, note that it will not damage either the headset or pads in anyway, just be careful with those scissors!!!.

The bigger brother to the round, the XL come in all the std colours, same thickness and with our super comfy memory foam. These are big, and may look odd, but can be a great asset for those who feel they need something bigger, or maybe just fancy big soft pillows strapped to their heads!!

Image : Steelseries Arctis 3 with Brainwavz XL Perforated pads in Dark Red - see below on how to fit XL pads - The hanger is the Brainwavz Titan - controller and headset hanger.

View the full range here

Check out the in-progress shot below, its just a simple piece of card, cut to shape, to form an adapter for the XL pad to sit on.

If you fancy trying this yourself, we have made a quick and dirty template that you can print out. Print it on stiff card, or on paper, and use as a cutting template on thicker card - up to you.


Brainwavz Titan

The hanger used in the above photographs is the Titan - a desktop mounted gaming accessory for holding XBox, PC or PlayStation game controllers, and a set of headphones. view the blog post here for all the details.

Available from:

Brainwavz replacement earpads are available worldwide, from a wide variety of locations. Brainwavz Store:

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Check out our where-to-buy page for reseller in your local area

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