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    Reviews — KV100

    Brainwavz Kidwavz Review

    A great little review from blogger Stephany over at https://stephanyssweetlife.wordpress.com/.

    Stephany got hold of a set of Kidwavz KV100 headphones, specifically made for kids these feature wireless connectivity via Bluetooth as well as a volume limiting safety feature.

    "Brainwavz Audio did a brilliant job when designing the KidWavz volume-limited Bluetooth children’s headphones.  Every aspect of the headphones seems to be designed specifically with their child user in mind"

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    Details on Kidwavz KV100

    Product Review: Brainwavz Kidwavz Headphones

    by newshutr

    Joshua Age 15

    "I really enjoyed the Brainwavz Kidwavz KV100 headphones. I really liked the audio quality when connected to my BlackBerry Leap with the Aux cord. The headphones are comfortable on the head but since I wear glasses sometimes I did find that there was a little discomfort with the ear pads pushing on my ears and the back ends of my glasses. This was not a deal breaker as the comfort outweighed the discomfort."

    Joseph Age 13

    "I really liked these headphones. The audio was great. They didn't give me a headache with loud audio. I enjoyed the bluetooth function of being able to advance songs with the buttons on the side of the headphone."

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    Details on Kidwavz KV100

    Brainwavz KV100 Review

    Brainwavz KV100 Review ..

    Our new Brainwavz Kidwavz KV100 are designed for kids, so, who better to review them than ... well .. a kid.

    Introducing Epic Logan Tech, a young, up and coming YouTube reviewer with a very balanced head on some young shoulders. A great review, many thanks Logan and we will look into that logo thing.

    Visit Logan on Twitter here

    Watch the video on YouTube here

    View details of the KV100 here



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