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Adhesive Under Desk Laptop Holder Mount, Upto 1.9” / 48mm Thick, For Laptops Macbook Routers Surface iPads Tablets & More


    Suitable for laptops, Macbooks, Tablets & almost any device that are up to 1.9" thick, this includes Cable boxes, Modems, Wi-Fi Routers, Nintendo Switch, Smart TV Boxes, Streaming Devices, Files, Folders & MORE!


    Smaller footprint allows for less obstruction to cables and ports on your devices, lighter weight and sleeker design. Three bracket system provides the perfect balance of stability and convenience, the third bracket is designed as a backstop to ensure your devices are safe and secure at all times.


    The included (optional) non-slip foam pads help secure your devices, preventing them from slipping and sliding around, and keep them free of any damage. Enjoy more peace of mind and keep your devices safe and secure.


    Use the included screw mount hardware to firmly fix the hangers under desks and shelves for use with heavier laptops and other delicate, expensive equipment.


    No tools, no clips, push firmly into place, wait a minimum of 2hrs and you're good to go. We only use the strongest version of 3M VHB tape, it will hold our mount and your device securely for years. Use this option for lighter items only, max weight 2lb / 900 grams. DO NOT PLACE ON PAINTED, DAMP OR PLASTERED WALLS, PAINT OR PLASTER MAY COME OFF!.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I like it!

Works really well. Its quite a bit deeper than needed for just a laptop but it also gives me a spot to keep my wireless keyboard as well so everything stays organized and out of the way. I like that it uses an adhesive as well as screws for extra support and security.

Great piece of kit for mounting electronics to your desk/AV cabinet!

I am using this to mount my DAC to the underside of a monitor stand that i have on my desk, it allows me to expand the usable space on my desk by removing the DAC from the surface of the desk. The DAC isn't heavy but it has a bunch of cables coming out of the back, and even with that I'm able to mount it to the monitor stand with ease. The stand I have is glass, so this basically mounts to the underside of frosted glass, and I have not seen any issues with sag, de-lamination , or the mount coming unglued. Everything you need to set it up is included, including screws if you want to mount it that way. I chose to use glue as the item being mounted is quite light.Overall, this mount kit works very well, it's affordable, and is very sturdy. It should easily handle heavier items, and I think that anyone who wants to maximize their desk space should consider it.

Sleek and Secure Storage Solution: A Review on BRAINWAVZ Under Desk Holder

Being an avid digital artist, I've always struggled with space management on my desk, especially with my XP-Pen drawing monitor. The BRAINWAVZ Under Desk Laptop Holder Mount has been an absolute game-changer for me in this regard.Optimized Space Utilization:With its under-desk mounting capability, this holder mount has been pivotal in helping me declutter my workspace. When not in use, my drawing monitor tucks neatly underneath my desk, leaving me ample space for other activities.Robust Design with Flexibility:The triple bracket system ensures that my device remains secure. Its low-profile design ensures minimal obstruction, allowing easy access to cables and ports. The added backstop bracket is particularly reassuring, ensuring that the device won't accidentally slip out.Protective Features:The optional non-slip foam pads provided are a thoughtful addition. These pads keep my drawing monitor firmly in place, preventing any unintentional movements and potential damage. The sense of security it provides is indeed commendable.Mounting Choices:The provision of both screw mount and adhesive options provides flexibility based on one's preferences. While I opted for the screw mount for added stability, it's reassuring to know that a quicker adhesive option is also available for lighter devices.Installation & Warning:The installation process was fairly straightforward. However, I do appreciate BRAINWAVZ's clear warning about not placing the adhesive option on painted or plastered walls, ensuring that users don't unintentionally damage their walls.The BRAINWAVZ Under Desk Laptop Holder Mount is more than just a storage solution. It's a thoughtfully designed product that offers a blend of security, space optimization, and flexibility. For someone like me, who treasures a neat and organized workspace, this product has been invaluable. It's an essential tool for anyone looking to keep their devices safely tucked away, yet within easy reach when needed. Highly recommended!

Easy to install and holds my laptop securely and out of the way!

I got this to be able to mount my laptop under my desk to keep it out of the way. I use external monitors and don't often actually use my work laptop away from my desk at home (I work from home full time) so it's easy to simply stash it under the desk and run the docking station cable to it to keep everything neat and out of the way. This worked perfectly for me but I have a bit of a thinner desk than maybe most people have so I found that the included screws were too long for my desk when i eyeballed them, so I used some other screws that I had at home that I've used to mount other things under the desk in the past. The adhesive helps to place them where you want but I would not trust the adhesive alone to hold the laptop up, so I think the screws are absolutely required to ensure you don't risk it falling. These were an affordable and easy to install solution to get my laptop off of my desk, very happy so far!

Space saving!

Such a simple design! Installation was very simple. The instructions state to draw an outline of where to the brackets go on a piece of paper. I chose to use the 3m tape and stuck them where they needed. After I had them lined up I took the added screws and drilled through them. Not much more to say than that. These are great!

I Think I've Found The “Perfect Product”

There really is absolutely nothing wrong that I can find about this item. It does what it is supposed to do impeccably AND with style. The screw covers are such an awesome little detail. I wish I would have actually read the instructions first before hastily assembling it, thinking that I already know everything so I'll just go ahead and do it. Had I read them, I would have seen the part about the screw covers and wouldn't have had to go back and unscrew stuff to install them after the installation, lol. But, yeah, if you check out the video I posted, you'll see what I'm talking about. All in all this item is pretty much perfect!

Works great!

Works great! I used it to hang a usb hub under my desk. Because it was lightweight, I only needed to use the double sided tape. The tape is quite strong and durable. I was able to pull it off and reposition it a couple of times and it still worked. The kit also comes with screws in case you need something stronger than the double sided tape, I didn't. Would recommend!

Good quality, beware of screw length

These are pretty sturdy 3D printed mounts. They are NOT metal, so beware of that. I like that they come with sticky pads at the top to help when mounting with the screws. They also have nice little screw covers, but beware the length of the screws so you don't go all the way through your desktop like I did. I ended up having to use two of the included foam stickers stacked and the plastic screw riser on top of the mount it self to not poke through the top of my desk again. Overall, I would say that they are a good choice to help keep a standing desk too clear like I did. My main tip that I would offer to the seller would be to include 2 different screw sizes for people who have a thinner desktop. A short screw and a long screw.