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Adhesive Tablet & Slim Laptop Wall Mount Holder for iPad, Android, Macbook, Surface, iPad Air, Mini & Pro, Galaxy Tab Note eBooks, Kindle & More


    Designed for Tablets and slim Laptops, such as Macbook Air, Surface, iPad Air, Mini & Pro, Galaxy Tablets, iPhones, Pixel, eBooks, Kindles, Amazon Fire & Many many more, please check dimensions. 


    This hanger comes in two sections, and allows you to easily create the safest space for your device. Place each side exactly where you need it, to custom fit tablets and devices of many different sizes, and mount in either in portrait or landscape mode. Simply measure out the appropriate space for your tablet and affix our mounts to your wall and you're done.


    The universal design of the hangers means you can adapt it to many different items, including slim laptops, tablets, IPads, Kindles, Switch, phones, books, ePaper, graphics tablets and much more.


    Use the included screw hardware to mount your side shelf to the wall, or other vertical surfaces for an even stronger, more secure fit, and allow storage of more expensive and heavier items. (Max weight (with screws) up to 3kg / 6.6lbs)


    No tools, no clips, push the 3M VHB tape firmly into place, wait a minimum of 6hrs and you're good to go. Use this option for lighter items only. DO NOT PLACE ON PAINTED, DAMP OR PLASTERED WALLS, PAINT OR PLASTER MAY COME OFF!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Easy to mount, 3D print lines are a bit unsightly

Really liked how easy this was to mount. I used the adhesion stickers on the back to attach this to the wall. Quick and easy. I use an old pixel phone to monitor some Bluetooth hardware devices in my shop. This worked perfectly for that use case, the stickers seems strong but I have not tested them with something heavier like a Tablet. I have no concerns about them holding up for my phone.This kit also includes screws and other hardware for mounting if you prefer. I like that they included some caps to cover the screws as well so it looks cleaner when mounted. I did not use these as the adhesive was enough for me, but if it ever starts to fall I will probably use the screws.The only negative is this is a 3D printed item and as a result it has clearly visible 3D print lines which give it a rough sort of Vinyl record look to the finish. I don't mind so much but I think it would look better if it was a smooth finish. Worth noting if that sort of thing bothers you. Mine sits in my shop so it's not a concern to me.

So far they are holding up well.

I was a little surprised the brackets were so small and I was a little leery about the adhesive strips holding up my laptop on their own but it comes with screws to use as well. It sure makes it convenient and makes so much more space for me on my desk when I am not using my laptop. They are powerful little brackets that don't stand out when they are not in use. I am very pleased with this product.

Awesome for using iPad as second monitor!

I'm typing this review as i have my iPad up next to my monitor, and it's one of the best things I've ordered online thus far! The quality of the adhesive makes me really trust my iPad being mounted, and I could see this being used for even heavier applications. The black border doesn't cut off any screen space and gives me a great place to keep my iPad even when I'm not using it. Works great with the sidecar feature through Apple and with adjustments, allows it to work just like a second monitor, all while keeping the drawing functionality! It also only rises high enough so the charger can still fit into the port, making it a good long-term position for an iPad you *only* want to use as a monitor!

minimalist thing holders

that's right. these two bookends can be plastered on a wall or otherwise vertical surface with adhesive or supplied screws and anchors.check the measurements and if they fit, they can sit. just like a cat, except without cats wedged inside.no claims on brainwavz. you have to ask the brand. ha.5 stars for doing the thing.

Comparable with many tablets.

Simple, inexpensive solution to hand my reminder clock on the wall. May order another set just to put near my laptop charger so I can hang out while charging. Simple, solid choice.

Simple and Functional

This hanger is thick enough to fit an iPad with a case around it. As seen in the picture it basically supports the bottom two corners. I still feel uneasy with hanging an iPad like this because if something were to bump into it it could tip forward and fall down. Maybe get another pair to secure the top two corners

Efficient Space Saver!

The Adhesive Laptop Wall Mount Holder has been a game-changer for my workspace. It's not just a holder; it's a space-saving wizard!The adhesive is robust and provides a sturdy grip, ensuring my laptop stays securely in place. For added peace of mind, the option to screw in the mounts is a thoughtful feature.This holder has transformed my desk setup. By mounting my laptop on the wall, I now have a clear, clutter-free workspace. The added screen space has significantly boosted my productivity.Installation was a breeze, and it has held up perfectly. My laptop sits snugly, and I haven't experienced any wobbling or slipping.If you're looking to maximize your workspace, this holder is a must-have. It's a simple yet effective solution that has made a world of difference for me. Say goodbye to desk clutter and hello to an organized, efficient workspace!

LOVE these! I have them on all of my notebooks.

I love writing. I am full time writer in the health sector by day and a freelance travel writer for my side gig which means I need to take notes while on the go, so I always need a pen and notebook with me. The notebook is alway easy to find — a pen to write with, not so much. To say I love these adhesive pen holders is a HUGE understatement. I don't find myself digging in my messenger bag for pens because they are always there with my notebooks! I have one on each of my main notebooks and one on my planner (not pictured). I will definitely be buying more. LOVE THEM.

Very handy to keep a tablet within arm's reach but off your desktop till needed.

Very handy to keep a tablet within arm's reach but off your desktop till needed. Check to be sure the thickness will accommodate your device, especially if you're considering using it with a laptop (vs tablet).

Works well!

Tie bracket does a good job holding up my iPad and keeping it out of the way. Included adhesive pads have a lot of grip and it included screws in case you need to mount something heavier, but this was overkill for my purposes.Includes some rubber pads to help prevent the brackets from scratching your device and helps keep it snug. Only negative is the finish is a bit rough.