NEW - Neckband Earphone Travel Hard Case

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Travel and storage case for neckband & sports style earbuds

The Brainwavz large earbuds case is designed to keep your gear clean and safe, as well as providing enough space to store other devices via its internal pouch. Safe and secure with Brainwavz signature moulded twin zips.

The case is built with a tough hard exterior and plush velour interior to keep your Bluetooth earbuds safe, protected and ensuring their longevity.

PORTABILITY : Our round case includes a built in strap so you can carry your earbuds with ease - safer and harder to lose or accidentally drop. Use a carbine clip (not included) to attach the case to your belt, or your bag, for even more convenience and security.

TWIN ZIPPERS : Double the protection with not one, but two chunky metal zips, all wrapped with stylish moulded rubber grips that make the case easier to open and close, as well as looking stylish with Brainwavz branding and color matched detailing.

TOUGH PROTECTION: A tough moulded hard exterior keeps your headphones safe, protected and ensures their longevity, while the plush velour interior delivers the perfect safe space for your gear, clean, safe and undamaged - ready when you need them.

ROOM FOR MORE: Integrated handy pouch to store cables, battery packs, media players, eartips and more. Plenty of room to carry a small battery pack, so you can store and charge the buds while they are safely packed away - ready for that commute home or that lunchtime run.

SUITABLE FOR BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Neckband style earbuds from JBL, Bose, Phillips, LG Tone Flex, Aukey, Jabra, wired earbuds, Bluetooth devices, Media Players, Sports style Earbuds, True Wireless + much more.

More than just an earbuds case - use it for anything you need, what about a storage case to keep all your callphones charging essentials sorted when travelling, you know for sure you are gonna need to charge that phone at some point!!

Brainwavz travel hardcase with power brick and USB cable fro charing mobile phones

Can be used to carry any item you desire as long as it meets the dimensions of the case.

  • DIAMETER : 170 mm / 6.6 inches.
  • THICKNESS : 38 mm / 1.4 inches.


  • Versatile storage pouch
  • Designed for Neckband / Sports style buds
  • Solid construction
  • Twin zips - Stylish and Secure
  • Perfect for long trips and short journeys
  • Keep your earbuds safe and secure

    Available from:

    The neckband case is available from all the usual places, including our own webstore, Amazon storefronts and our international resellers.

    Amazon.com Brainwavz Store:

    Brainwavz Global Web Store

    Check out our where-to-buy page for reseller in your local area



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