Latest Earpads Compatibility - April 2021

April 23, 2021 3 min read


This is just a few of the latest headphones we have discovered that work with Brainwavz Audio Earpads.

Brainwavz pads are universal, they can fit many many different makes and models of headphones. As much as we would love to buy every set and confirm compatibility, it's just not possible, so, we are always on the look out for new models and we scour social media, reviews and even our own competition entries to bring you the latest news and make it easier to get the right pads for your headphones.


The original and the best replacement pads. Our oval pads have changed many a users headphones experience and we continue to do so all these years later. View the extensive range, and full compatibility list here.


These look amazing, and fit perfectly

AKG 371 / 361

Source: Reddit


Source: YouTube


Fit but needs careful work to make it happen - please see the Reddit post and images - same fit as Audeze Penrose and HyperX Cloud S (notes from the user)

Audeze Mobius

Source: Reddit | Images Via Imgur

BRAND: Audio-TechnicaMODEL: ATH-PRO700 MK2


SourceAmazon User Review

BRAND: Audio-Technica MODEL: BPHS1

 Audio Technica BPHS1

Source: Reddit Article Images via Imgur 

BRAND: Audio-Technica MODEL: ATH-AVA500 & ATH-TAD400

 Audio Technica ATH-AVA500  ATH-TAD400


BRAND: Denon MODEL: AH-D1001

 Denon AH-D1001

Source: Instagram

.. and the rest..

BRAND: JBL MODEL:  Everest Elite 700 SOURCE: Amazon customer review

BRAND: Razer MODEL:  Kaira ProSOURCETwitter user

BRAND: Samson MODEL:  CH700SOURCEAmazon user review

BRAND: SennheiserMODEL:  Game One SOURCE Instagram user

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL:  HD458BT SOURCE Instagram user

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL:  HD500 SOURCE Amazon user review

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL:  HD 598 SOURCE Imgur

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL:  HD 4.50 BT SOURCE Twitter

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL:  Momentum 1.0  SOURCE Amazon customer review

BRANDSennheiser MODEL:  Momentum M2 SOURCE Twitter

BRAND: Sivga MODEL:  SV006 SOURCE Twitter

BRAND: Stax MODEL:  LambdaSOURCE Twitter

BRAND: Takstar MODEL:  Pro82SOURCEImgur

BRAND: Turtle Beach MODEL:  Recon P50X SOURCETwitter


Our small over pads were originally designed for the Sony MDR range, but, have proved themselves very flexible in fitting quite a few other brands and models too. See the full range here.


These look amazing on the AKG K371, so much so that the original comment from the user was "Sexy as fu*k" - can't say fairer than that!!

Brainwavz small oval pads on AKG K371

Source - Reddit 


Not a brand that we see very often at all, so it's nice to get one in the bag, Instagram post - user says they fit well, folded over the main body

Brainwavz pads on the Panasonic	RP-HTX7

Source - Instagram


These are the same fit as the Sony WH-CH700 headphones

Source: Amazon review


The smaller of our two round sets, these 100mm pads are thick and compatible with many headsets, see full range here.


Amazon user review - check the review for a quick tip for a better fit. Rather than cutting the pads as the user did, we recommend using a hole punch, or leather punch, to make a more uniform hole, so the pad won't continue to rip - even adding a thin layer of glue around the edges will also help keep the pads in good shape.

Brainwavz pads on the AKG K72

Source: Amazon review


"Got a set of @brainwavzaudio sheepskin earpads to replace the ones that came with my @akgaudio K275’s. Definitely so much more comfortable. My ears were running on the driver so there’s a decent buffer now without affecting the sound."

 Brainwavz earpads on the AKG K275

 Source: Instagram user


"Nice fit to the HE 35X. Kicks up the bass a bit."

Brainwavz earpads on the HiFiman HE35x

Source: Twitter user


Our largest earpad, designed for larger, over-the-ear style headsets. Same great materials and memory foam, with a huge selection to choose from, just BIGGER! See the full range here.

BRAND: Beyerdynamic  MODEL: Tygr 300 R 

Another Beyerdynamic to add to the list, we have quite a few with compatibility now

Brainwavz earpads on the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R

Source: Instagram user

BRAND: Beyerdynamic MODEL: DT 177X GO

Perforated pads can be seen on this model - fits really well - Reddit post

brainwavz xl pads on the Beyerdymanic	DT 177X GO

Source: Reddit article

BRAND: Hifiman MODEL:  HE-400s

Great set of photos from u/SteeleKinne on reddit, shows off the pads beautifully.

Brainwavz xl earpads on the Hifiman HE-400s

Source: Reddit/Imgur


A new one for us, this is why we love seeing your photos, so we can get confirmations like this, MSI gaming headset fans, you can now use the bets pads on the planet!!!

Brainwavz xl earpads on the MSI DS502

Source: Instagram user

Well, that's it for this latest update, quite a lot in this one, but it has been a  while, hopefully I won't leave it so long next time.

If you have a headphone that we do not have listed then please let us know, or even better, enter it into our picture competition and you could win a $100, or $30 shopping spree in our store, check out all the details here.

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