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NEW - Storage Solutions for Tablets

April 08, 2021 2 min read


Introducing our new range of tablet hangers, perfect for any home, garage, office and more.

Three new hangers designed for storing or docking tablets, phones and more. perfect for hands-free video and Zoom calls, or just de-cluttering your home work / play space..

All our hangers are seriously easy to install, no screws or drilling needed, just simply peel off the 3M VHB sticky tab and stick them where you want them, easy. 

Our new collection of new hangers are suitable for IPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Galaxy tabs, Amazon Fire tablets, iPhones, Samsung phones, graphics tablets, slimline keyboards and much much more.


Our first hanger comes in two sections, and allows you to set the width to whatever you like, making it useful for tablets/gadgets of all sizes and in any orientation you desire. The TWM02 has a tilted back design, creating the perfect viewing angle for ease of use, video calls and more.

Get the TWM02 from BRAINWAVZ only $11.89 (Normal price $16.99)


Next up we have another two piece hanger, similar to the one above, but this time designed to attach onto the edges of desks and shelves.

The TDM01 easily installs onto the edge of the desk or flat surfaces, and instantly creates a safe space to store your tablet, e-reader, graphics tablet and more. De-clutter your work or play space now, and ensure all your gear is safe and secure with Brainwavz innovative storage solutions.

Get the TDN01 now at BRAINWAVZ for only $11.89 (Normally $16.99)


    Finally we have our large tablet seat. Similar in design to our Tasan, but this time its vertical mount only, and twice as wide.

    The wider design of the TM03makes it a much more stable location for your tablets, especially when in portrait mode. The TN03 also includes a handy cable access hole so you can easily charge the device whilst seated.

    Get the TM03 from BRAINWAVZ for only $13.29 (Normal price $18.99)


    Check out our where-to-buy page for reseller in your local area

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    Mark Dawson
    Mark Dawson

    Mark Dawson - Website Manager | Blog Writer | Image Maker - Welcome to Brainwavz Audio

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