Latest Earpads Compatibility Update - September 2021

September 20, 2021 3 min read


Time for the latest update on our earpads, and which headphone they can work with.

Quite a few to get through here, and they will a be updated on our product pages - view our previous update here.

Brainwavz pads are universal, they can fit many many different makes and models of headphones. As much as we would love to buy every set and confirm compatibility, it's just not possible, so, we are always on the look out for new models and we scour social media, reviews and even our own competition entries to bring you the latest news and make it easier to get the right pads for your headphones.


The original and the best replacement pads. Our oval pads have changed many a users headphones experience and we continue to do so all these years later. View the extensive range, and full compatibility list here.

BRAND: Audio Technica | MODEL: ATH-WS1100iS

Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS

Source: Amazon Review

BRAND: Corsair | MODEL: HS50 | Source: Facebook User

BRAND: Coolermaster | MODEL: MH751 | Source: User image on Imgur

BRAND: Coolermaster MODEL: MH752

This one is a little confusing, but not uncommon, the Coolermaster MH751 and MH752 are both based on the Takstar Pro 82 headset, and thus will work fine with our standard oval earpads collection.

Coolermaster	MH751 MH752

Source: User image on Imgur

BRAND: Denon MODEL: AH-GC20 | Source: User image on Istagram

BRAND: House of Marley MODEL: Positive Vibration X | Source: User image on Twitter

BRAND: House of Marley MODEL: Vibration XL | Source: User image on Facebook User

BRAND: JBL MODEL: G332 Source: User image on Reddit

BRAND: Logitech | MODEL: 650BTNC | Source:  Amazon review

BRAND: MSI | MODEL: Dragon Fever S37

Not got many MSI headsets, so good to get one on the list, broke this one out. Highlighted this as they state how they are a little difficult to put on and shows that sometimes you got to work at it to get the pads to work. A compatibility recommendation from us means that someone got them to work, and we have forwarded that information to you.

MSI	Dragon Fever S37

Source: Amazon review

BRAND: Pioneer | MODEL: SE-MS5 | Source: User image on Instagram

BRAND: Sennheiser | MODEL: GSP670 | Source: User image on Instagram

BRAND: Sennheiser | MODEL: Momentum 3 | Source:  Amazon review

BRAND: Sennheiser | MODEL: PC37X | Source: User image on Instagram

BRAND: Sony MODEL: WHXB900N | Source: Amazon user review

BRAND: Yamaha MODEL: HPH-MT8 | Source: User on HeadFi

BRAND: XBox | MODEL: 2021_Official | Source: Image on Facebook


Our small over pads were originally designed for the Sony MDR range, but, have proved themselves very flexible in fitting quite a few other brands and models too. See the full range here.

BRAND: Sennheiser MODEL:  4.50 BTNC

We get a lot of enquiries about this headset, and while we do not have a dedicated pad for them we do have user submitted support for both our standard ovals and these smaller Sonly pads.

Note that the mounting slot on this headset is really slim, so you are gonna have to be patient, a credit card is good for pushing the mounting flap in to place, from what we hear the effort is worth it. 

Brainwavz pads on Sennheiser hd4.50 BTNC

Source - Amazon Customer review


The smaller of our two round sets, these 100mm pads are thick and compatible with many headsets, see full range here.


Amazon user submitted review. They were finding the stock pads uncomfy and crushing the bottom of their ears, so, they looked for alternatives and hit on the hybrid pads. These are a great choice as they have the softer velour material on the top, for comfort and stability, and PU leather on the side for better sound reproduction.

AKG M220 headphones with Brainwavz 100mm round pads

Source: Amazon review


"just thought you'd want to know that I was able to fit the 100mm round pads on my ATH-R70X but it needed a bit of cutting to make the lips bigger"

Source: Twitter User

BRAND: Beyerdynamic | MODEL | Amiron wireless | Amazon customer review

BRAND: Corsair | MODEL | Virtuoso RGB XT | Twitter user

BRAND: Massdrop MODEL | HE4xxs | Instagram user

BRAND: HiFiman MODEL:  HE 400i

This one is just a quick update as we found a user submitted review with a few hints and tips on how to add the pads to this model.

This is almost like a full-on user guide with step-by-step instructions and images too - awesome!!

Brainwavz pads on the HiFiMan HE-400i

Source: Amazon review


Our largest earpad, designed for larger, over-the-ear style headsets. Same great materials and memory foam, with a huge selection to choose from, just BIGGER! See the full range here.


Another AKG model confirmed for our XL pads.

AKG Headphones

Source: Reddit thread

BRAND: Hifiman | MODEL | HE-400i | Source: Instagram user

BRAND: superlux  | MODEL |HD330

A fantastic set of photos of the superlux HD330

Superlux with Brainwavz pads

Source: Facebook user images

Well, that's it for this latest update, quite a lot in this one, but it has been a  while, hopefully I won't leave it so long next time.

If you have a headphone that we do not have listed then please let us know, or even better, enter it into our picture competition and you could win a $100, or $30 shopping spree in our store, check out all the details here.

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