NEW RELEASE - ProStock Colours and Micro Suede pads

May 22, 2020 2 min read

ProStock - New Releases

NEW - Micro Suede

Well, its official, our ProStock pads have proved popular with the Audio Technica users around the world, so, inevitably we are expanding the range. 

First to come is a new Mirco Suede version. This material is just pure luxury, super soft and smooth as butter, its almost like wearing air. Whilst our traditional velour pads are still comfy and soft, they have a longer pile compared to the Micro Suede, giving these new variants the enviable title of the softest and comfiest pads to date, well, in our opinion anyway, why not see for yourself.

As with all our pads they come complete with our classic high grade memory foam to round of this little slice of indulgence. 


Black, its our most popular color across all our pads, but we know there are many of you out there that not only want great comfort and sound, but you want them to look awesome as well. So, for those that need that splash of colour in their lives we have added two of our other popular shades,Dark Red and Dark Blue.

If these go down well we will look into doing more, but for now enjoy the somewhat limited, but growing rainbow of colors, let us know in the comments what colours you would like to see, or materials.


These ProStock pads are compatible with the following Audio Technica models:

  • ATH-M50X
  • ATH-M50BTX
  • ATH-M20X
  • ATH-M30X
  • ATH-M40X
  • ATH-M50s
  • Steelseries Arctis (All Models)

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